Saturday, March 28, 2015

Opening the Call (March 28, 2015)

I never thought about a mission until the announcement was made from President Monson about the age change. I was a senior in high school and could go within a years time. My guy friends left immediately with a few stragglers and then the next thing I knew my girl friends were leaving left and right. I needed to find out for myself. I wanted to serve and help those in need but was scared. I felt I would eventually serve a mission but then was not the time. I am going into nursing so I figured I would go after nursing school IF I wasn't married by then. I finished my first year at Utah state and my second one was coming to a close. There isn't a nursing program at USU so I needed to change schools and I wanted to go to the University of Utah. I had finished my associates degree and my prerequisites at Utah State. Planning for the next semester at a different school was so difficult. Nothing was working out. Every time I would picture my future I pictured me on a mission. I couldn't decide when to apply for nursing school. A mission just kept popping up in my mind. It was bugging me so bad! I didn't want to go anymore because I just wanted to get my life up and running. I attended the temple regularly and would have visions if you will of me and a companion walking down a dirt road wearing name tags with green lush mountains around us and llamas enclosed in handmade wire fences. I knew I needed to go serve. I called up my parents to tell them. My mom and dad were on the phone and I said "I decided to go on a mission". It went quiet and my mom goes "what was that? You cut out." Ugh! The special moment was gone. Then I hear my little sister say "I think she said she's going on a mission". My dad was so excited! I was scared out of my mind but I knew God needed me to help Him with His work. So here I am with a mission call to Peru and so excited! It is nerve racking yes but so joyous. I can help God's children return to live with Him. This journey has been a few years coming but I know God has a plan for me. He knows what's best and He loves me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve. I can't wait to grow and to help others receive the same joy and happiness I have. The church is true! I know it. I love it.

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