Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bird Poop

So this week has been the craziest of the mission. And you'll all find out when I get home haha. But we have been trying to get our feet back on the ground and working hard. We have someone with a baptism date finally!!! Her name is Samantha. She is so cute. She is 17 and she wants to go to seminary and all the noche de hogar and church. She asked us how she could get baptized. It was all her idea. So I think she is pretty ready. But we will see! We have been having fun trying to teach and talk to lots of people. Honestly this week wasn't amazing. But I know next week will be if we just keep working hard. The members are liking us more so that is good. Trying to gain their confidence is hard! But its fun to help them. Also we found another investigator that is a cake maker! She made us a cake and it was soooo amazing! And she is going to teach us lots of things... so watch out! Lets just hope I don't get fat... 

Everyone, have a great week. eat heatlhy and drink lots of water. You can do it! Read your scriptures and say your prayers. God is waiting to hear you! Muah!

Hna Rasmussen

so i woke up early to go take this girl to seminary. we have been waking up at 5 50... do you know how hard that is? but shes going now! so its worth it. she also liked how we were walking and i was half asleep and a bird pooped on my head.... the first time in my life! i shouldnt have even been awake haha.. it was pretty funny. we laughed forever. buut its tiny at least.

Monday, May 23, 2016

We Have A Savior

It says in my patriarchal blessing that I will be blessed with strength and health for my holy callings here on the earth. Well I found out that our mission is a red mission which means that it is sooo dangerous for food and stuff like that. I didn't know that. There are only a few. and I've actually been super healthy!! I guess the blessing is true!!

This week we found someone that doesn't really believe in God or Christ. It was so weird to find someone like that. He just immediately told us that he is lost and doesn't really know what to do with his life. When we teach him he just starts to light up! It is so amazing. Well we had a lesson and explained to him with examples about why we need a Savior. Why it is absolutely crucial to have a Savior to get back to our padre celestial. by the end of the lesson he said he believed in Jesus Christ and he understood why we needed a savior. It was an amazing experience. You seriously never find people like that here. EVERYONE believes in Christ and that He died. But teaching someone about the essentials of a Savior just strengthened my testimony so much of the Savior. It was necessary. Because without him we wouldn't have the gospel. We wouldn't have the steps either to know how to return to our padre, that is why we have a savior who would suffer what we would and know how to help us to get to a being that is sooo glorious. He is our helper. He is our friend. The savior lives and loves us. Trust in Him and look for Him. 

Sorry I am trying to write fast so I hope it makes sense. It probably doesn't sound as cool as it really was. It was an amazing experience to help someone gain a testimony about our savior. ÉL VIVE!!!! y yo lo sé con todo mi corazon. yo le amo a mi salvador. 

Hna Rasmussen

ook at my cheese grader.... it is a magnet!!!! haha we were laughing soooo hard! it is tiny and was hard to grate cheese. but we did it!

We made tacos!! Two gringas making the most delicious tacos!! Seriously... they were soooooo good.... possibly the best tacos from my mission. And we´re both white. hahah! :)

 its a pic of the beautiful scenery and then the trees in huancayo and then hna crawford walking with a huge bag of tampons down the street! so our pension and her daughter really want to start using tampons, the first latinas in all of america to want that. and sense hna crawford and i came STOCKED UP! we gave them a whole bag. we were laughing because we were walking down the street with a ginormous bag of tampons and nobody knew because no one knows what are tampons. it was pretty funny.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Otra Gringa

FAMILY! It feels like I've seen you guys forever ago haha but it was only a week. Well we had cambios and I am officially with hna Crawford. She is from Arizona... so another gringa!!! How am I ever going to improve my Spanish! Haha but the nice thing is I have been with her practically my whole entire mission. In Huanuco and Cerro with her.  It is kind of funny. But we are good friends so that nice!

 my only pic with my new comp hna crawford from arizona

me hna holden and hna jaspers
This week.. well another dog peed on me again. I don't know why... I also got my braces fixed. They said I practically just had metal glued on the back of my teeth because it was broken in everyplace. So I got it replaced for 80 soles. Which is less than 30 dollars. That's nice... and cheap. Lets just hope it works and stays and keeps my teeth straight. Also Logan... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love and miss you little boy.

me with 8 puppies...

me with 4 gatitos,

 we also had un milagro! Everyone thought this less active wouldn't progress or even accept us and she came to church yesterday! Its a long story with her but she is very offended and she actually finally came to church. Everyone in the ward was shocked that we got her there and that she actually felt comfortable. That just goes to show that people can change!!!!!!! The gospel changed families and lives. The church is true. Now go live it and love it.

Hna Rasmussen

hna spitale on her last day 

  the view of our area

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mamas Day

It was so amazing to Skype with you guys. I was so happy to see you all! Not much has changed besides the fact that there is a baby girl and the little boys are older. How crazy! I cant wait to talk to you guys again... haha but it will be fun! Then I'll be home. So this week so much has happened. First off this Tuesday are the transfers... I'm so sad. I don't want hna Spitale to leave, I will be soo sad!! I love her so much. I pray she stays here. And well a couple of stories. 

One, I was contacting and all of a sudden I feel something wet on my leg. A dog legit peed on me!!! How did that happen!!!! I had a long skirt on but it was sooo funny. The owner didn't see and I was embarrassed but the rest of the night a dog just kept following me and sniffing me. Ugh dogs.. but it was funny. 

when the dog peed on my skirt

Two, we have to go searching for people that the church hasn't heard from for years. Yeah talk about awkward when you knock on a door asking for someone and they died two years ago!! I didn't know what to say next and hna Spitale just sat there haha... it was so awkward but so funny. But hey we contacted her family and are going to go back and see the family. Maybe something good came out of it.

Three, I was having a bad day. Door after door slammed in my face. Then one finally opened. It was night and the light in the house wasn't on. I started contacting and preaching and I thought this lady is really, really happy. How odd. But she gave us real answers and gave us another date. Then we leave and hna Spitale leans over and says. hna you just contacted a borracha. or a drunk lady. I didn't know! Haha but she was acting weird. Hna Spitale was closer than I was so she could smell it and see her face. I didn't see anything! Haha oh man it was so funny. But we can help change her life.

We also finally have someone that wants to change her life sooooo much! She accepted a date. 11 of June. Her name is esthefany. Her sister got baptized last year. I'm just so excited! She actually is real. But then I always get scared to say that because Satan is real and powerful. But we will hold onto to our faith and pray real hard haha. 
The mission is full of random stories and crazy things. I'm so glad I'm here and that I can keep laughing. I love you all and hope you are enjoying your lives at home as well!

my zone which is mostly sisters

hna Spitale doing Skype

Hna Rasmussen

Monday, May 2, 2016

im so excited to see you all this week on skype!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!