Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bird Poop

So this week has been the craziest of the mission. And you'll all find out when I get home haha. But we have been trying to get our feet back on the ground and working hard. We have someone with a baptism date finally!!! Her name is Samantha. She is so cute. She is 17 and she wants to go to seminary and all the noche de hogar and church. She asked us how she could get baptized. It was all her idea. So I think she is pretty ready. But we will see! We have been having fun trying to teach and talk to lots of people. Honestly this week wasn't amazing. But I know next week will be if we just keep working hard. The members are liking us more so that is good. Trying to gain their confidence is hard! But its fun to help them. Also we found another investigator that is a cake maker! She made us a cake and it was soooo amazing! And she is going to teach us lots of things... so watch out! Lets just hope I don't get fat... 

Everyone, have a great week. eat heatlhy and drink lots of water. You can do it! Read your scriptures and say your prayers. God is waiting to hear you! Muah!

Hna Rasmussen

so i woke up early to go take this girl to seminary. we have been waking up at 5 50... do you know how hard that is? but shes going now! so its worth it. she also liked how we were walking and i was half asleep and a bird pooped on my head.... the first time in my life! i shouldnt have even been awake haha.. it was pretty funny. we laughed forever. buut its tiny at least.

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