Monday, May 9, 2016

Mamas Day

It was so amazing to Skype with you guys. I was so happy to see you all! Not much has changed besides the fact that there is a baby girl and the little boys are older. How crazy! I cant wait to talk to you guys again... haha but it will be fun! Then I'll be home. So this week so much has happened. First off this Tuesday are the transfers... I'm so sad. I don't want hna Spitale to leave, I will be soo sad!! I love her so much. I pray she stays here. And well a couple of stories. 

One, I was contacting and all of a sudden I feel something wet on my leg. A dog legit peed on me!!! How did that happen!!!! I had a long skirt on but it was sooo funny. The owner didn't see and I was embarrassed but the rest of the night a dog just kept following me and sniffing me. Ugh dogs.. but it was funny. 

when the dog peed on my skirt

Two, we have to go searching for people that the church hasn't heard from for years. Yeah talk about awkward when you knock on a door asking for someone and they died two years ago!! I didn't know what to say next and hna Spitale just sat there haha... it was so awkward but so funny. But hey we contacted her family and are going to go back and see the family. Maybe something good came out of it.

Three, I was having a bad day. Door after door slammed in my face. Then one finally opened. It was night and the light in the house wasn't on. I started contacting and preaching and I thought this lady is really, really happy. How odd. But she gave us real answers and gave us another date. Then we leave and hna Spitale leans over and says. hna you just contacted a borracha. or a drunk lady. I didn't know! Haha but she was acting weird. Hna Spitale was closer than I was so she could smell it and see her face. I didn't see anything! Haha oh man it was so funny. But we can help change her life.

We also finally have someone that wants to change her life sooooo much! She accepted a date. 11 of June. Her name is esthefany. Her sister got baptized last year. I'm just so excited! She actually is real. But then I always get scared to say that because Satan is real and powerful. But we will hold onto to our faith and pray real hard haha. 
The mission is full of random stories and crazy things. I'm so glad I'm here and that I can keep laughing. I love you all and hope you are enjoying your lives at home as well!

my zone which is mostly sisters

hna Spitale doing Skype

Hna Rasmussen

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