Monday, May 23, 2016

We Have A Savior

It says in my patriarchal blessing that I will be blessed with strength and health for my holy callings here on the earth. Well I found out that our mission is a red mission which means that it is sooo dangerous for food and stuff like that. I didn't know that. There are only a few. and I've actually been super healthy!! I guess the blessing is true!!

This week we found someone that doesn't really believe in God or Christ. It was so weird to find someone like that. He just immediately told us that he is lost and doesn't really know what to do with his life. When we teach him he just starts to light up! It is so amazing. Well we had a lesson and explained to him with examples about why we need a Savior. Why it is absolutely crucial to have a Savior to get back to our padre celestial. by the end of the lesson he said he believed in Jesus Christ and he understood why we needed a savior. It was an amazing experience. You seriously never find people like that here. EVERYONE believes in Christ and that He died. But teaching someone about the essentials of a Savior just strengthened my testimony so much of the Savior. It was necessary. Because without him we wouldn't have the gospel. We wouldn't have the steps either to know how to return to our padre, that is why we have a savior who would suffer what we would and know how to help us to get to a being that is sooo glorious. He is our helper. He is our friend. The savior lives and loves us. Trust in Him and look for Him. 

Sorry I am trying to write fast so I hope it makes sense. It probably doesn't sound as cool as it really was. It was an amazing experience to help someone gain a testimony about our savior. ÉL VIVE!!!! y yo lo sé con todo mi corazon. yo le amo a mi salvador. 

Hna Rasmussen

ook at my cheese grader.... it is a magnet!!!! haha we were laughing soooo hard! it is tiny and was hard to grate cheese. but we did it!

We made tacos!! Two gringas making the most delicious tacos!! Seriously... they were soooooo good.... possibly the best tacos from my mission. And we´re both white. hahah! :)

 its a pic of the beautiful scenery and then the trees in huancayo and then hna crawford walking with a huge bag of tampons down the street! so our pension and her daughter really want to start using tampons, the first latinas in all of america to want that. and sense hna crawford and i came STOCKED UP! we gave them a whole bag. we were laughing because we were walking down the street with a ginormous bag of tampons and nobody knew because no one knows what are tampons. it was pretty funny.

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