Monday, March 28, 2016

Bye Cerro De Pasco?

soooo... this week was semana santa.. so friday was when christ died right? so what do peruvians do? they leave their houses and go to the middle of nowhere peru and play volleyball,eat fruit and trout. what a great tradition haha.. literally not a single person was home!!!!!! we walked all day. it was really fun.. haha but im just glad it wasnt dangerous for us. they reacted the crucifixion but the guy didnt actually die. we just stayed away from that part of the city. 

All the Hermanas in Cerro
guess what i did this week!!!!! we ate a frog... so this lady picks up this alive frog and smacks it against the table a few times. then peels off the skin. rips out the guts and washes it out. then they boil it and put it in a blender with this weird soup stuff. and honey which i hate and then lots of weird powerders... then blends it up for literally ten minutes. they gave me a cup of this stuff and i drank it all!!! it was sooo hot.. and i drank it slower than i should have because all the frog pieces settled to the bottom. it wasnt that bad but im so glad we dont do that in the US. thats called animal cruelty. haha it was a fun experience though. 

a funny story. we found these really religious guys and they were telling us how what we should be preaching is the 10 commandments. so we open up to mosiah 13 and show them the commandments. then we tell them they need to pray about it and know what the guy says? oh i already know the book of mormon is the word of god because it has the ten commandments in it... wow what great faith haha we were laughing soo hard. thats th first time anyone has accepted the book of mormon immediately haha. 

My District

cambios are manana... im scared because i think i am leaving cerroo... but we will see!!! maybe ill go to the sweaty hot jungly... but where ever i go its where god needs me... i love you all and hope you had an amazing easter!!!!

a talk you all should read... its amazing. beware of pride by ezra taft benson.. we all are prideful but we can work on that... READ IT!!!

Love you all soo so much!

Hna Rasmussen

The toilets here and what I have to use

the heads . . . 

These cute girls that love us and don't want us to leave

Lucero and her brother Daniel
(she was baptized in Oct.)

What we eat. . . Bleh I hate fish heads

58 seconds before the women's conference starts

Monday, March 21, 2016

El Libro De Mormon

Holy nuts. Welcome to Peru everyone! Can I just say that I officially have the worst English ever. And I have a gringa comp. So I don't know what to do. Its only going to get worse from here. But guess what we did for service this week? We washed two dogs. They were stinky..... and poor things were sooo cold. But that was an interesting day. We didn't have our cameras dang it.. sorry all. Also the relief society had an activity this week! One day they did a fashion show of everything they had knitted... hey mom there is an idea for YW. But it was the funniest thing watching these latinas model. They got so into it!!! And they had no shame. If we could all be a little more like them. Also the next day they did their traditional dances. It was really cool to see them!!! Cant wait to show you all the videos when I get home.

our ward in their traditional dancing outfits. 

So I realized a little more the importance of the Book of Mormon. We were on divisions so I was with hna goyzueta in her area. We were knocking doors and this lady let us in. We talked about the Book of Mormon.She said she had seen one in a hotel and wanted to read it but left and forgot it. We gave her one and she legit almost started crying and gave us a hug. Who does that??? That is what we should be doing though. If we realized the importance of this book! It really is the bar of iron that we need to be holding onto. Hold on tight!!! And just read it!!! People just do it.
everyone wanted a pic with the cool missionaries. We were standing there taking a pic one by one with literally every kid in the ward

Also I know Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God. He restored this church. I know it!!! I bore my testimony and jokingly before said I want to cry to touch this lady's heart. Well I ended up crying and so did she. It was a tender moment. I love this gospel and I know it is the restored gospel. I love you all and I hope you apply the gospel even more in your lives.

Hna Rasmussen

.  the yw in my ward playing basketball

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Little Bit of Heaven

So we went to Huanuco!!! It was the most beautiful weather ever, those perfect summer nights. and then we got back to cerro de pasco... want to know what that feels like? Imagine going to California and the beach and then coming back to Utah in the dead of winter and living in the garage. The houses here are cement without any insulation and any heating.... so its freaking cold. That is what we feel every single day... its hard. . . not going to lie.  

cleaning the pensions restaurant

Ready for a funny story in Huanuco? So we had no keys to get into the room of where we were staying.and there are other sisters that live right next to them. The bathrooms share a window. So the dueno of course only had a key for the other room. So she opens it for us and we start to think  about how we can get through this really high window. So we put a table and then a chair on top. Then I'm up there holding a chair through the window to drop it on the other side. Hna godfrey goes and gets through the window to drop the chair and of course she drops it on this random spicket thing or faucet thing connected to the window. Somehow it turns this little valve thing on!!!! So water starts gushing out this faucet thing onto the bathroom floor. We see a drain and think its okay. So then hna godfrey tries as fast as she can to get through this window. She opens the door for me and the room is just flooded..... we had no idea what to do . We hurry and pick everything off the floor and mop their room for like 45 min... there was water everywhere!! Luckily they didn't have much on the floor and luckily its hot in Huanuco and their floor was tile. The sisters still don't know.... haha but we were laughing so hard.. we flooded the sisters room! then the next morning of course someone forgets the keys. So the hnas are like "lets go through the window". hna godfrey and I were experts and they didn't even suspect anything. So hna godfrey has cuts and bruises now but what a champ and what a funny experience. 

 our chair contraption to get through the window
Also my testimony just strengthened about the bible and Adam and Eve. People always have so many questions about la caida. We always can answer it with just reading in Genesis. The church is sooo true! Adam and Eve had to partake of the fruit and I am so glad they did and that we know that we are responsible for only our sins.
Also hna godfrey lost her book hna holland. In a taxi and holy nuts that guy came everywhere looking for us. There are good people in the world!!! He should get baptized right now. She was so lucky to get her life back in her hand. I know the Lord really does watch out for his missionaries.

hna godfrey and I at the multi zone 

I love you all SO SO MUCH!

Hna rasmussen

Monday, March 7, 2016


So this week... we walked and walked and then finally had a good day and then the next day was terrible!!! i just kept thinking the lord has to have something in store for us. so then we were at church and this 19 year old walks in and wants to hear the gospel... just walks in and wants to hear everything! we are going to teach her later today but shes cute. her name is Heldy. the lord really does know hwat he is doing in His work. 
so the funiest thing happened this week. we went to do service for his lady moving her house. it was pouring rain. she lived in like the highest point of pasco so we walked all the way up to her old house and she hand us this oven to move down the moutain... an oven. its not an american oven but still had two burners. so we ask her if there is another way to move down the mountain because the way we came up was rocks and a step hill... how were we supposed to move this oven! well we did it.. and it was scary and slippery.. then we had to walk like 25 min holding this oven. we got lots of honks.. two gringas carrying an oven in the middle of peru haha we looked so funny. so i had to carry it for 100 steps and then hna godfrey for 100 steps,. man were we sore the next day haha. i never thought i would have carried an oven down this super steep slippery rocky peruvian mouitain. but im glad to do service. 
a cute couple walking up the huge hill holding hands  

 me and hna godfrey

so some traditions.. if someone in your family passes away.. you have to wear all black for an entire year!!!!! a whole year! and you cant hold a single party or you are like rejecting the dead. how sad is that! so its really impeding a couple that we want to get married. im sorry family but if anyone of you died i wouldn't wear black for a hwole year. every single day. also if you dont cry at the funeral then everyone thinks you hated them.. funny peruvians.. haha

my testimony of obedience was strengthened.. we walked up this hilll and had a lot more to go but the persons  light was off. we decided to just go for it and knock. they weren't there. then walking down we ran into two investigators that we had lost contact with because my phone was stolen and we didnt know where they lived. they showed us their house. then walking down we ran into another investigator! talked for a second and then walked down and found the first lady who we initially went to see. it was really cool to see how if we are just obedient the Lord puts people in your path. i know this is his work. i know it! i am grateful for that too! i love this gospel and i really do love peru.

Hna Rasmussen

last p day we went and hiked up the mountain and there is a peruvian flag... it was raining the whole entire time..