Monday, March 14, 2016

A Little Bit of Heaven

So we went to Huanuco!!! It was the most beautiful weather ever, those perfect summer nights. and then we got back to cerro de pasco... want to know what that feels like? Imagine going to California and the beach and then coming back to Utah in the dead of winter and living in the garage. The houses here are cement without any insulation and any heating.... so its freaking cold. That is what we feel every single day... its hard. . . not going to lie.  

cleaning the pensions restaurant

Ready for a funny story in Huanuco? So we had no keys to get into the room of where we were staying.and there are other sisters that live right next to them. The bathrooms share a window. So the dueno of course only had a key for the other room. So she opens it for us and we start to think  about how we can get through this really high window. So we put a table and then a chair on top. Then I'm up there holding a chair through the window to drop it on the other side. Hna godfrey goes and gets through the window to drop the chair and of course she drops it on this random spicket thing or faucet thing connected to the window. Somehow it turns this little valve thing on!!!! So water starts gushing out this faucet thing onto the bathroom floor. We see a drain and think its okay. So then hna godfrey tries as fast as she can to get through this window. She opens the door for me and the room is just flooded..... we had no idea what to do . We hurry and pick everything off the floor and mop their room for like 45 min... there was water everywhere!! Luckily they didn't have much on the floor and luckily its hot in Huanuco and their floor was tile. The sisters still don't know.... haha but we were laughing so hard.. we flooded the sisters room! then the next morning of course someone forgets the keys. So the hnas are like "lets go through the window". hna godfrey and I were experts and they didn't even suspect anything. So hna godfrey has cuts and bruises now but what a champ and what a funny experience. 

 our chair contraption to get through the window
Also my testimony just strengthened about the bible and Adam and Eve. People always have so many questions about la caida. We always can answer it with just reading in Genesis. The church is sooo true! Adam and Eve had to partake of the fruit and I am so glad they did and that we know that we are responsible for only our sins.
Also hna godfrey lost her book hna holland. In a taxi and holy nuts that guy came everywhere looking for us. There are good people in the world!!! He should get baptized right now. She was so lucky to get her life back in her hand. I know the Lord really does watch out for his missionaries.

hna godfrey and I at the multi zone 

I love you all SO SO MUCH!

Hna rasmussen

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