Monday, March 7, 2016


So this week... we walked and walked and then finally had a good day and then the next day was terrible!!! i just kept thinking the lord has to have something in store for us. so then we were at church and this 19 year old walks in and wants to hear the gospel... just walks in and wants to hear everything! we are going to teach her later today but shes cute. her name is Heldy. the lord really does know hwat he is doing in His work. 
so the funiest thing happened this week. we went to do service for his lady moving her house. it was pouring rain. she lived in like the highest point of pasco so we walked all the way up to her old house and she hand us this oven to move down the moutain... an oven. its not an american oven but still had two burners. so we ask her if there is another way to move down the mountain because the way we came up was rocks and a step hill... how were we supposed to move this oven! well we did it.. and it was scary and slippery.. then we had to walk like 25 min holding this oven. we got lots of honks.. two gringas carrying an oven in the middle of peru haha we looked so funny. so i had to carry it for 100 steps and then hna godfrey for 100 steps,. man were we sore the next day haha. i never thought i would have carried an oven down this super steep slippery rocky peruvian mouitain. but im glad to do service. 
a cute couple walking up the huge hill holding hands  

 me and hna godfrey

so some traditions.. if someone in your family passes away.. you have to wear all black for an entire year!!!!! a whole year! and you cant hold a single party or you are like rejecting the dead. how sad is that! so its really impeding a couple that we want to get married. im sorry family but if anyone of you died i wouldn't wear black for a hwole year. every single day. also if you dont cry at the funeral then everyone thinks you hated them.. funny peruvians.. haha

my testimony of obedience was strengthened.. we walked up this hilll and had a lot more to go but the persons  light was off. we decided to just go for it and knock. they weren't there. then walking down we ran into two investigators that we had lost contact with because my phone was stolen and we didnt know where they lived. they showed us their house. then walking down we ran into another investigator! talked for a second and then walked down and found the first lady who we initially went to see. it was really cool to see how if we are just obedient the Lord puts people in your path. i know this is his work. i know it! i am grateful for that too! i love this gospel and i really do love peru.

Hna Rasmussen

last p day we went and hiked up the mountain and there is a peruvian flag... it was raining the whole entire time..

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