Monday, November 30, 2015

so angela is progressing!! she told us that she knows everything is true! she just hasnt accepted a date yet but shes praying about it. pray for her!!!!! ah i know shell get baptized. also cambios are this week. im super scared. i dont want to leave my mom because i love her!!! shes my best friend. i also hit four months. happy birthday everyone haha. im sorry i dont have like anymore time. but ill write more next week. thanks for everything everyone and im glad you all had an amazing thanksgiving. Cute hna Martha made us turkey and mashed potatoes!!! it was the cutest thing ever. it actually tasted really good. for peru haha. but i love you all and hope you ate tons of pie for me!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Gracis for Ustedes!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
No they dont celebrate that here. but we told our cute pension about it and she said she would make us pavo which is turkey and mashed potatoes. shes so cute!!! I hope that you guys have a good day. and get super super stuffed. i wish i could be there but just know im really there in spirit!!

this week was different. we had to go to the dentist again to figure out the jaw situation with hna holland. poor girl. her jaw hurts so bad. they said she doesnt have liguid in her jaw and needs more they gave her stuff to drink but i dont think its helping. then we had to go to five hospitals to find a rabies shot... so it was day 8 and the elders hadnt seen the dog for two days. but the guy told us that if we find it through day 10 then she doesnt need it. the elders found the dog that bit her on day 9 then day 10 they went back and told us that the owner acted way annoyed and just told them that the dog died... of course day 10 but i doubt it died. so we have to go get shots for her. its one a week for five weeks. 

So funny thing. that pic i sent that says lives with jose smith? Found out that its a real guy. and he isnt even a member of the church!! how crazy is that? but hes family of the pioneer family here in huanuco. hna holland and i were laughing so hard when we found out. 

angela is finally doing her commitments!!! but she still doesnt want to be baptized yet. i can see her in her white clothes. i know shell be baptized eventually. she is amazing!!! she came to church yesterday and everyone was so nice to her. i love her! also everytime we have a lesson something happens. its totally satan. the last time it was night and we were talking in her house and the power went out. totally killed the spirit. because it was pitch black but its okay! we just keep trying. 

i just wish i could be with you guys this week but im having my own thanksgiving over here! haha

Hna Rasmussen

Monday, November 16, 2015


hi family. I bet youll never guess what happened this week. Hna holland got bit by a dog!!! It was a mama dog. she was running and then stopped because she was running up the hill and then it just lunged forward and bit her. the other elders in our area, one got hit in the eye with a soccer ball so he cant work this whole week so theyve been going back to see the dog. we have to watch it for 10 days to make sure its still alive and doesnt have rabies. her bite is pretty sick! She looks like a warrier now. its just on her calf. i just cant believe that happened still!! it happened wednesday. but shes going good now!! 

so its sooo annoying how real satan is. just this past week it seems like every lesson we had something happened. it wasnt like a perfect spiritual lesson. its so hard!! but thats the job of the missionary is to invite that spirit. but we found the pioneer family. the first ones to be baptized here in huanuco and they are both 92. the mom is in really bad shape and is in the hospital but the dad is the cutest thing ever. mom i wish you could meet him!! He gives us high fives and he sings the hymns without even looking at music. his daughters are taking care of them so we go help out. he loves to see us and he loves to tell stories. he tells one and then at the end laughs and then immediately says another and then starts right into the next one. its sooo cute!! just his laugh makes my day. You guys know how much i love old people. this other lady asked us to come visit her son. she has like 70 years. and her son isnt a member but she is. we get to her house and there are four chairs perfectly lined up with saltine crackers and cola on the table with her house perfectly cleaned. it was the cutest thing ever!!! but her son couldnt come.. it was sad. i just love how wise old people are. we can all learn so much from them. they are so cute.
nothing really exciting happened this week. im not going to lie. my spanish is still struggling but its definitely coming!!! thanks to the gift of tongues. i just love you all so much and wish i could give you all big hugs. 

Hna Rasmussen

Oh my schedule!
I wake up at 6 20 and work out until 7 then shower and get ready until 8 because we eat breakfast in our room. then at 8 we do personal study then 9 we do companionship study then 10 spanish study then 11. a program called 12 weeks for the newbies what i am. and then we go teach a lesson at 12. then at one have lunch. then work until 8 when we have dinner. then plan for 30 min at 9 and then go to bed usually like 10 haha. its sometimes long but only if you dont lose yourself in the work.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This Week Changed My Life

Well guess what guys, this week has been amazing because everything just clicked!! Well duh I obviously cant speak one hundred percent but I can understand and communicate and teach!! It has been amazing. We have had so much more success this week. We are teaching with the spirit and its amazing. Also we have tried  to talk to more people every day and I have definitely seen a lot of  blessings because of that. I'm a lot happier because I'm fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. Also I'm forgetting about myself. I am a witness that even through hard times something amazing always comes out! Yes we still have hard days out here but as long as we are righteous we will be blessed. That scripture says that we cant control the priesthood. Only through our righteousness can we be blessed and its true. We cant control what happens but we can only change our attitude. So be happy!!!! and be righteous.

We found a less active named Vanessa. she is so cute! she has only been inactive for about 2 years. she used to accompany the missionaries and ride with them to Lima. but she started working on Sunday... be careful people! Little things really can do big damage. she has such a strong testimony. she just needed someone to remind her.
Also Angela came to church!!! shes so cute. she believes everything. she just needs a little more help recognizing this church as the church of god. the only church of god. she is adorable and i have loved being her friend.

i didn't write yesterday because we had a multi zone. it was fun seeing a lot of other missionaries and i saw hna Holden! shes doing great in cerro de pasco. i love president so much!!! he is so funny.

also something funny. so remember in the best two years when the guy was speaking English to him and he had no idea what he was saying? The same thing happened to hna holland! it was the funniest thing. the guy said what is your nationality and i started laughing because he was way old and i didn't expect him to speak English. then hna holland looks and me and says what is he saying??!! haha i laughed even harder!! hna hes speaking english. it was great.
I love the mission. there are so many fun things out here. Come what may and love it right???

I love you all so much!!!
Hna Rasmussen

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey you guys had to go to the dentist this week,, so did I!!!! I woke up and my tooth was hurting real bad and all i could think was oh great. I have 15 more months which happy 3 months by the way. and so my sister leader called a dentist. We went and she told me i have a cavity there that needs to be fixed and then i have 10 fillings that are starting to go... we all know how my teeth are which is the most annoying thing ever since i take such good care of them!! But she fixed it up right there. It was better than the states in the fact that i didnt feel a thing and i was only numb for like 30 min after.  And the best part was it was only $20!! Can you believe that? But who knows how great of a job she did. It seemed like she did the exact same routine,. it just might need to be fixed when i get home. 

So this transfer has been extremely hard just emotionally and i was reading in preach my gospel and there is a sentence that says dont get discouraged. discouragement weakens your faith. I read that and it  hit me like bricks. I knew that i shouldnt get discouraged. Now i cant because i know i have faith and i dont want me faith to be lessed. So all of you out there.. DONT GET DISCOURAGED in anything. God knows what he is doing.
We got a new pension!!! Thanks heavens too because our last one was great but we didnt feel the best all the time. She is so cute. She kept telling us how much of  blessing we are in her life. And i found out why. Hna Martha's sister died right after giving birth and she loves having our spirit and she loves being distracted. She is the cutest thing. Shes only 29 and i just love her so much, You can feel the spirit so strong in her house where as we were eating in a restaurant before and i didnt like that very much. i just love Hna MArtha.

We found someone!!!! Her name is Angela and she is so smart! She is studying engineering and i just think shes amazing. She is catholic but has found so many faults like why do they pray with repetition and why they dont have prophets. She believes all of the plan of salvation. she vbelieved in the judgmenet before we even came. she is soo prepared its not even funny. She told us she believed Joseph smith was a prophet. Holy cow i dont feel like ive done anything but knock on her door. God is amazing people.

Something funny. So peruvians believe funny things. There was a guy drilling metal and you know how it makes sparks? Well this guy walked past and told me not to watch it because i might get an infection in my eyes... haha be careful people!! Make sure you dont watch the lights!!
I love each and everyone of you..
Hna Rasmussen