Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey you guys had to go to the dentist this week,, so did I!!!! I woke up and my tooth was hurting real bad and all i could think was oh great. I have 15 more months which happy 3 months by the way. and so my sister leader called a dentist. We went and she told me i have a cavity there that needs to be fixed and then i have 10 fillings that are starting to go... we all know how my teeth are which is the most annoying thing ever since i take such good care of them!! But she fixed it up right there. It was better than the states in the fact that i didnt feel a thing and i was only numb for like 30 min after.  And the best part was it was only $20!! Can you believe that? But who knows how great of a job she did. It seemed like she did the exact same routine,. it just might need to be fixed when i get home. 

So this transfer has been extremely hard just emotionally and i was reading in preach my gospel and there is a sentence that says dont get discouraged. discouragement weakens your faith. I read that and it  hit me like bricks. I knew that i shouldnt get discouraged. Now i cant because i know i have faith and i dont want me faith to be lessed. So all of you out there.. DONT GET DISCOURAGED in anything. God knows what he is doing.
We got a new pension!!! Thanks heavens too because our last one was great but we didnt feel the best all the time. She is so cute. She kept telling us how much of  blessing we are in her life. And i found out why. Hna Martha's sister died right after giving birth and she loves having our spirit and she loves being distracted. She is the cutest thing. Shes only 29 and i just love her so much, You can feel the spirit so strong in her house where as we were eating in a restaurant before and i didnt like that very much. i just love Hna MArtha.

We found someone!!!! Her name is Angela and she is so smart! She is studying engineering and i just think shes amazing. She is catholic but has found so many faults like why do they pray with repetition and why they dont have prophets. She believes all of the plan of salvation. she vbelieved in the judgmenet before we even came. she is soo prepared its not even funny. She told us she believed Joseph smith was a prophet. Holy cow i dont feel like ive done anything but knock on her door. God is amazing people.

Something funny. So peruvians believe funny things. There was a guy drilling metal and you know how it makes sparks? Well this guy walked past and told me not to watch it because i might get an infection in my eyes... haha be careful people!! Make sure you dont watch the lights!!
I love each and everyone of you..
Hna Rasmussen

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