Monday, October 31, 2016

so i dont really know what the first thing is but its a fruit and its really bitter.. it was weird and i could only eat it with salt. it rained sooo hard last night! but we had three sisters that accompanied us. theyre so great. another sister that came with us up the huge hills.. a pretty sunflower i found. and everyone laughed at me as i took this selfie haha. and us eating ice cream again... i can never get enough. i hope you all eat ice cream at my funeral. i hope there is an ice cream bar!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Life Has Changed

well this week... we FINALLY had someone come to church. and shes 12 years old.. but she is sooo mature! we are teaching her mom as well. but her mmom didnt want to come because she thought it was just for teenagers. her name is camila and she came. she felt so comfortable. and her little 8 yr old sister came too. she loved primary. we went and taught her mom and the cool thing was camila had read the whole pamphlet and was sooo interested the whole time. then she kept asking her mom to buy a skirt. seriuosly i was soo disappointed because we had two really segure people who said theyd come. we went to pick them up and they werent home. that is the biggst struggle is getting people to come o church. so we get to church and camila is ther! i was praying and praying that someone else would show up and someone just kept telling me ive sent you my daughter camila... isnt that enough? because i wanted more people. but its true. i need to be gratefl with hwat the lord gives me. because hes in charge of his work. he knows what hes doing. and i need to thank him for everuthing. and not get discouraged. 

i recieved the news of grandpa. it was a sad morning... and i literally just couldnt thin about anything else and my president just kept talking and talking and i couldnt pay attention. but it was nice that he called me and even nicer that he let me talk to my family! im so glad i got to hear your voices. seriously it made me feel a lot calmer knowing that everyone is okay at home. im so grateful for everything. fpr the knowledg that we know he is okay. we know that grandpa is finally with grandma. even happier. just remember all that the things here in this world are temporal things and its not worth it to fight over because when we all die we wont carry anyof it with us. i love grandpa. im gratful for his teaching and i know he will be remembered for the good he has done. im grateful i was able to see him right before leaving on my mission. its a bummer that it happened when i only have so little time left. but ill see him again one day. im sure of it.

i know the church is true. i know i say this all the time. but its true! because we have taught the restoration about 4 times in this last week and seriuosly everytime the spirit testifies that its true. and i know the people can feel something special. they are just scared to admit it. i know that joseph smith was a prophet of God. i love him and im grateful for what he went through. im grateful for all the knowledge we have that we are children of god. i love you all and i hope you read joseph smiths history once again...

Hna Rasmussen 

me and my comp and all of our sisters that we were in charge of... well there are two missing that hadnt gotten there. but its hna keeler, hna petersen, hna jose, hna arguello, hna patiƱo, yo hna esparza, hna holden, hna espinoza.

Monday, October 17, 2016


so the funny dog story of the week. we went to do service and as we are walking back we hear someone screaming so we look and this dog had jumped off the roof and bit this girl. well literally latins are very into gossip haha so they all run outside and the whole neighborhood is watching. i felt so bad for this girl! and the whole entire day i just kept saying i wonder what that girl was doing to have him bit her. so we get to the end of the day and are contacting like we do every day and then i see a girl and she looked so familiar so i just start talking to her and her friend and i asked where they lived. she said right where the girl got bit. so i asked if she and her friend and seen the girl get bit. she said it was her! the girl we were contacting was the girl that got bit! and the even better part was that it was her friends dog that bit her. they said that dog had bitten four people last year and three people this year so their grandpa took it to the middle of nowhere and left it there... i hate dogs. im just praying every day that they dont touch me. 

we had a great lesson with one of our investigadors that doesnt want to get married. we had to be really direct like really direct and ask her questions but i didnt feel awkward doing it. i think thats where the authority comes in no? and i think thats the best way to communicate with people is just be direct. because when we sit and try to beat around the bush some things get misinterpreted and feelings get hurt. but i am learning soooo much this transfer with hna esparza about marriage haha. its because we get along soo well but other things make us fight. its not our fault that things happen and we cant take it out on each other. i just feel like its helped me learn that marriage isnt always just you and him. theres a lot more things and you cant let those things come between you two. like our 10 well now 9 daughters haha because hna guarachi poor thing went home. maybe it sounds really weird but i know the mission teaches us a lot about marriage as well as life. im learning so much here and im grateful for that because i know our experiences make us who we are. 

Guess what? josephine got baptized!!! can you believe it? miguels mom from cerro de pasco. i seriuosly wasnt seeing so many fruits of my labors but now i am and im able to see my setting apart blessing come to pass. maybe im not there to see it but at least it is happening. i love you all. i really hope you jave a great week!!! muah

Hna Rasmussen

Hna guarachi left on tuesday in the morning and my comp hna esparza and hna petersen and i eating compeltos. its basically bread, cut tomato. guacamole and hot dogs. its a really common chilean food. its simple and good.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Octubre

So in these fotos im with my comp. we had a stake activity where we went marching in the streets of huanuco screaming save a life donate blood. i didnt feel like we were really happy. i felt like we were protesting haha but it was fun. i was at the front of the line and everyone just started at us like crazy people. but it was super fun. we also got to contact and hand out a book of mormon. i love giving boooks of mormons! its really fun when you give it to them adn they ask this is for me? how much does it cost? and then we tell them gratis! and they are so grateful. its fun.  then after we went and ate ice cream as a zone haha. i still love ice cream here.
Hna Guarachi is doing okay with her surgery but she is going home tomorrow. its sad to see her go but she feels like its the right thing to do. so i hope she can help her family in bolivia because her parents arent members. 
we also had interview with president this week. hes a good man. he is called of god and i know it. im grateful that he knows each one of us and is very personal. you can feel his love. i loved what he taught us. in doctrine and covenants 4 it says we need to serve with all our heart might mind and strength right? but he says a lot of times we do it backwards. we serve with all our strength mind and then heart. at the end of our transfers we come to love the people. but god put heart first because we need to be serving with our heart first. i really liked that! i need to be better at that. we need to love and then people will be a lot more willing to do things. like come to church. because if we show them how much we care then theyll change. its true. weve put it to test and already seen a difference. i really liked it. but i guess it applies with anything in the church. any calling. we need to put our heart into it first and then our strength. all of my leaders ive had and that ive loved more are because they have loved me and really cared for my well being. im grateful for them. i learned a lot this week.
Emily isnt getting baptized. her mom last minute decided she doesnt want to sign the permission form but we are just going to keep trying and keep working with the people we have. all you can do is keep loving and keep working. i hope you are all doing okay. sigan adelante.
Hna Rasmussen

Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm Proud to Be An American. . . Again!

welll so i have learned a ton about peru this week. and thats why im proud to be an american again...... so being hna lider is not the funnest job in the world. its a lot more responsability. we had an amazing pday and tuesday was seriuosly one of the most successful days ive ever had in the mission. we had contacted like 10 people and had had 7 lessons and 2 members that had accompanied us. it was beautiful and it was only 7 pm and we still had two more appnts. we were sooo happy! but then our lives changed. we get a call that hna guarachi from bolivia had thrown up in a members house. so we call the health secretary and he tells us we have to take her to the clinic. so we go and she just has soooo much pain! she was crying and rolling on the bed and acting like a demon was inside of her. so they keep pumping her full of meds. we had to sleep the night there.... i slept like two hours on a little cot type hospital bed thing. with my comp. it was very uncomfortable. then i wake up and have a really stuffy nose. sore throat and a cough. so then we do even more exams and they all think she has gastritis and its an advanced case. another doctor comes and says but where her liver and gallblader is its bigger... so they finall after like two days do an eco gram? not an xray. in spanish ecografia. they see that her gallbladder has a ton of little rocks and its really big. so then she has surgery. they take out her gallbladder and its huge! and it was almost black! it should be green... so she was dying basically. so this whole week we have been dealing with all of that and havent been able to work in our own area. we felt really bad about that and are going a little crazy staying in the hospital with her but we are learning lots of love! haha so why im proud ot be an american. literally the hospital here didnt even have toilet paper. they kept looking at us. the nurses. and would ask if we had paper... ugh are you kidding? then they will not do anything until you pay. so after everything was said and done we spent about 7000 soles. or like 2000 dollars. its actually really cheap but its scary here. they only accept cash. and someone can be literally dying and they wont do anything until you give them the plata. so thats why a  lot of people die here vecause they cant pay anything. its ridiculous. and how all the doctors just kept saying gastritis.... but the whole time it was her gallbladder when her stomach  was physically swollen. i just get frustrated with the people because then they give her like three pils to take for three days and nothing else. like wow.. the health care here is sad. another lady also entered in and almost died. they wouldnt give her money back of 5000 soles and she started hitting this man. they hadnt done anything to her mom because they didnt want to have her die on their hands but because she already paid they wouldnt give her her money back.... are you kidding me? so how was she supposed to take her mom to another place and have them cure her if she has no more money? they finally gave it back.. but wow. its been a crazy experience in the clinics of peru.  i was just really glad i got to see conferencce at least in english. we went and watched it. i love that alot of the talks were about the mision work. POR FIN! they all talked about a lot of the lessons that we teach and how we all need to share. soo help the missionaries and pray for opportunities!!! i also loved how they talked about joy. its true. this gospel is a gospel of joy! and its real real joy. not the joy from the world. 

we felt really bad for not being inour area and thinking we have forgotten how to teach because its been so long but im grateful for our district leader. he said you guys still are doing missionaryt work. we are here to serve others and thats what you guys are doing! so keep serving and keep preaching and youre doing missionary work.  maybe you dont have numbers but youre doing the will of the lord and serving Him. im grateful and we have someone thats going to get baptized on the 14th! her name is emily! its really great because shes 13 and her whole fmaily is member. but we are making sure that literally she has a testimony. she wasnt really progressing with the other sister but when i got here we started making her do things like research and make posters and now she even does her own family home evening and teaches everyone. she is so cute. this is the work of the lord. evven if we arent working the work doesnt stop. the lord keeps preparing the hearts of his children. i love the mission and i lvoe that im learning a lot. oh and i love you all too. 

Hna Rasmussen

general conference lunch with all the sisters.. i found hna martha and hno willy my pension in my first area!!!! eating  tacos the night we had to stay in the hospital and us buying baby food for our poor little hna guarachi... haha