Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Octubre

So in these fotos im with my comp. we had a stake activity where we went marching in the streets of huanuco screaming save a life donate blood. i didnt feel like we were really happy. i felt like we were protesting haha but it was fun. i was at the front of the line and everyone just started at us like crazy people. but it was super fun. we also got to contact and hand out a book of mormon. i love giving boooks of mormons! its really fun when you give it to them adn they ask this is for me? how much does it cost? and then we tell them gratis! and they are so grateful. its fun.  then after we went and ate ice cream as a zone haha. i still love ice cream here.
Hna Guarachi is doing okay with her surgery but she is going home tomorrow. its sad to see her go but she feels like its the right thing to do. so i hope she can help her family in bolivia because her parents arent members. 
we also had interview with president this week. hes a good man. he is called of god and i know it. im grateful that he knows each one of us and is very personal. you can feel his love. i loved what he taught us. in doctrine and covenants 4 it says we need to serve with all our heart might mind and strength right? but he says a lot of times we do it backwards. we serve with all our strength mind and then heart. at the end of our transfers we come to love the people. but god put heart first because we need to be serving with our heart first. i really liked that! i need to be better at that. we need to love and then people will be a lot more willing to do things. like come to church. because if we show them how much we care then theyll change. its true. weve put it to test and already seen a difference. i really liked it. but i guess it applies with anything in the church. any calling. we need to put our heart into it first and then our strength. all of my leaders ive had and that ive loved more are because they have loved me and really cared for my well being. im grateful for them. i learned a lot this week.
Emily isnt getting baptized. her mom last minute decided she doesnt want to sign the permission form but we are just going to keep trying and keep working with the people we have. all you can do is keep loving and keep working. i hope you are all doing okay. sigan adelante.
Hna Rasmussen

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