Monday, June 27, 2016

hi fam!!!!

So something loco happened... im with hna delgado once again! who would have ever though that happened. but she is dying this transfer so once again i will be killing for a second time in a row. but its okay. we are working really really hard trying to get this area back on its feet. i love you all and hope you are doing amazing! im praying for you all. love you lots!

Hna Rasmussen

we went to Huaytapallana. which means to gather flowers.... it was so fun! people were in the tops of the mountains singing and giving offerings to the mountain. it was interesting. ill show videos when i get home haha.  it is actually higher than cerro de pasco but i barely even struggled. the props of serving so high for a while!!! haha there were people throwing up and really having a hard time. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

I Need Thee. . . Oh I Need Thee

we went to the last multi zone with president and hermana henderson. it was so sad. i just cant believe they are leaving! i remember thinking that it would be in so many months that they would leave and its actually here. how did that happen?? i dont even understand. or as well as like how am i going to be homein 7 months!!! i feel like i was literally just turning 7 months. but it was a good multizone. we looked at lots of pics and ate pizza. but its still not as good as the pizza from america.

we started reading the scriptures at night with our pensions family. it makes me miss you guys soo much! Hno Jorge is so funny. he always talks so much and no one really listens. reminds me of silly dad and how he would always go off. but i miss that so much now. dad, when i get home ill start listening now haha. but i hope you are all continuing to do that. keep reading everyday! even if your kids dont understand. even if you are just a couple. READ! the lord promises us a better family. and i know its so true! i have seen it in our lives and in other lives of people here. 

i also had an amazing experience contacting. so my comp just finished telling me how her friend would contact people by asking them if he could sing a song. i mean who is going to reject a song about Jesus Christ? so we went to a park to contact. there were three moms and we started to talk to them. they didnt want to listen so i asked if we could sing a song. we sang i need thee every hour. it was beautiful!! even the kids sat down and listened. i felt the spirit sooo strong. after we stopped singing i almost started crying trying to bare my testimony of the savior. it was such a powerful experience. we should do that more often! after they all wanted to give us their address and their phone number. we still have to follow up. but it was an amazing experience. im going to start singing more often hehe. 

well i love you alll sooooo much!! Have a great week. and sing hymns. they invite the spirit more than you think.

Hna Rasmussen

Monday, June 6, 2016


the biggest milagro happened last pday!!!!! first off while you were all celebrating memorial day i was celebrating perus dia de la papa!! haha it was funny. i had no idea but holy cow!!! they had  potato everything! we even ate potato ice cream. it was interesting.. but  as i was sitting there trying the potato ice cream someone came up and tapped me on the shoulder. it was Jhonny Bernachea! my first convert from cerro de pasco! i had been looking for him forever. i knew he moved to huancayo but no one knew him. so i figured he went inactive. he said he is still going to church and he really wants to go on a mission still! he is still praying about it especially now because he acompanies the elders at their citas. he goes out with them and loves it. it was the biggest joy of my life seeing him still sooo happy! i wanted to hug him but couldnt haha. it was such a happy day. so im so glad to hear that he is moving forward and even wants to go on a mission. que alegria!

also for our last p day we had a huge game of capture the flag in the woods of peru. we had to come with a made weapon. i made num chucks!!! its all out of toilet paper rolls... it was so sick. no one wanted to touch me haha. hna crawford and i went dressed up as ninjas. we looked the coolest can i just say. but we werent even playing for more than five minutes when the cops came and kicked us out.. booo. i think we will do it another day. it was super fun though. family be prepared. we will play that when i get home in the woods.

this p day we went to a city called Izcuchaca on a train! it was fun! it was a legit train and we just got back so thats why im writing late. it was this cute little city and we felt like we were on polar express haha. but they only served sketchy tea in gatorade bottles not hot chocolate haha. but it was super fun!

yesterday was elections for peru. it was crazy. once again we didnt have church. kind of weird but we did get a new president of peru. kind of funny how the only candidates were a japanese woman and a white dude. where are all the peruvians??? they need to represent better. 

Not going to lie. this week was a struggle with a sick companion so we werent able to work like we wanted. but we are going to work a lot harder this coming week. we got the strength and the motivation we just have to go do it! YAY for the work of the Lord!

Hna Rasmussen

us as ninjas and me with jhonny and the table of different potatoes

us on the train and me as a ninja

the cute little city.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy 4th

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! i am wearing red white and blue right now for all of you over there! i love you a lot and i love AMERICA! we are going to do something fun for Pday. well we have osmeone with a date! she is amazing. her name is Evelin and she is a contact. i love this work. i love actually working inthe lords work. stay safe! dont have muich time. Muah!

Hna Rasmussen