Monday, June 27, 2016

hi fam!!!!

So something loco happened... im with hna delgado once again! who would have ever though that happened. but she is dying this transfer so once again i will be killing for a second time in a row. but its okay. we are working really really hard trying to get this area back on its feet. i love you all and hope you are doing amazing! im praying for you all. love you lots!

Hna Rasmussen

we went to Huaytapallana. which means to gather flowers.... it was so fun! people were in the tops of the mountains singing and giving offerings to the mountain. it was interesting. ill show videos when i get home haha.  it is actually higher than cerro de pasco but i barely even struggled. the props of serving so high for a while!!! haha there were people throwing up and really having a hard time. 

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