Monday, July 11, 2016

How Are We Spending Our Time?

Familia! We are seeing so many milagros en mi area. I know that the Lord doesnt always bless us with what we want because he wants us to grow and learn and become better disciples of Christ. We have found two more jovenes that have a baptismal date. Jeano and Jhan. Jhan is 18 and Jeano 15. Jhan said he wants to go serve a mision! and he said that he loves reading the book of mormon. we had a lesson with him yesterday and before we left he said but wait i want more pamphlets! he loves coming to church and he really has such a desire. his brother does too but doesnt show it like him because he is a lot more shy and quiet. they are great. Evelin went to Huanuco for work so we havent been able to talk with her. we also have 2 other people that have such a strong desire to get baptized! we just need to visit them more and see how they start progressing. The area was on hold as i know i was put with my other comps to help them specifically. now i can help the people in the area and there are so many that are prepared. I love teaching. i really have fallen in love with it. I can finally feel what it means to teach with power and authority. its really amazing to feel that! i know in this time i am a representative of christ and i am where i should be. i also know that people are prepared. one man had been recieving the missionaries for about a year and because he didnt progress they left him. we found him and he went to church sunday and loved it! people might not progress now but they have a time and will when they need to. im also grateful for the spirit. it seems like we have had a lot of experiences this week where the spirit has warned us of people or told us to get out of situations. He is our Guide!!! thats why we need to pray and read our scruptures every day. To hve our guide. to make good decisions. without the spirit we are walking in darkness and not holding on to the iron rod. 
i know that obedience brings blessings. something the relief society president said and i really liked and honestly never thought about is when we were talking about callings in the church. there are so many people here that wont accept one because they dont have time... that is the worst excuse and i hate it with ALL MY HEART!  there is always time! but how can we kneel everynight asking god to bless us and to protect us and give us things we need when we cant accept a calling and help in His work. it is so true. if we dont give Him our time. why would he give us his time. Visit people! people can activate from one little 30 min visit. do your home teaching and do your visiting teaching. We are one big family. help your brothers and sisters. i know you will recieve blessings. i know God loves us all and he is our Dad. honestly. its all true.

Hna Rasmussen

PS.... these computers are poop and I cant send pics. But I met my president. He is cool and very young. We have interviews with him today! Wish me luck.. haha

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