Monday, October 24, 2016

Life Has Changed

well this week... we FINALLY had someone come to church. and shes 12 years old.. but she is sooo mature! we are teaching her mom as well. but her mmom didnt want to come because she thought it was just for teenagers. her name is camila and she came. she felt so comfortable. and her little 8 yr old sister came too. she loved primary. we went and taught her mom and the cool thing was camila had read the whole pamphlet and was sooo interested the whole time. then she kept asking her mom to buy a skirt. seriuosly i was soo disappointed because we had two really segure people who said theyd come. we went to pick them up and they werent home. that is the biggst struggle is getting people to come o church. so we get to church and camila is ther! i was praying and praying that someone else would show up and someone just kept telling me ive sent you my daughter camila... isnt that enough? because i wanted more people. but its true. i need to be gratefl with hwat the lord gives me. because hes in charge of his work. he knows what hes doing. and i need to thank him for everuthing. and not get discouraged. 

i recieved the news of grandpa. it was a sad morning... and i literally just couldnt thin about anything else and my president just kept talking and talking and i couldnt pay attention. but it was nice that he called me and even nicer that he let me talk to my family! im so glad i got to hear your voices. seriously it made me feel a lot calmer knowing that everyone is okay at home. im so grateful for everything. fpr the knowledg that we know he is okay. we know that grandpa is finally with grandma. even happier. just remember all that the things here in this world are temporal things and its not worth it to fight over because when we all die we wont carry anyof it with us. i love grandpa. im gratful for his teaching and i know he will be remembered for the good he has done. im grateful i was able to see him right before leaving on my mission. its a bummer that it happened when i only have so little time left. but ill see him again one day. im sure of it.

i know the church is true. i know i say this all the time. but its true! because we have taught the restoration about 4 times in this last week and seriuosly everytime the spirit testifies that its true. and i know the people can feel something special. they are just scared to admit it. i know that joseph smith was a prophet of God. i love him and im grateful for what he went through. im grateful for all the knowledge we have that we are children of god. i love you all and i hope you read joseph smiths history once again...

Hna Rasmussen 

me and my comp and all of our sisters that we were in charge of... well there are two missing that hadnt gotten there. but its hna keeler, hna petersen, hna jose, hna arguello, hna patiƱo, yo hna esparza, hna holden, hna espinoza.

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