Monday, November 23, 2015

Gracis for Ustedes!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
No they dont celebrate that here. but we told our cute pension about it and she said she would make us pavo which is turkey and mashed potatoes. shes so cute!!! I hope that you guys have a good day. and get super super stuffed. i wish i could be there but just know im really there in spirit!!

this week was different. we had to go to the dentist again to figure out the jaw situation with hna holland. poor girl. her jaw hurts so bad. they said she doesnt have liguid in her jaw and needs more they gave her stuff to drink but i dont think its helping. then we had to go to five hospitals to find a rabies shot... so it was day 8 and the elders hadnt seen the dog for two days. but the guy told us that if we find it through day 10 then she doesnt need it. the elders found the dog that bit her on day 9 then day 10 they went back and told us that the owner acted way annoyed and just told them that the dog died... of course day 10 but i doubt it died. so we have to go get shots for her. its one a week for five weeks. 

So funny thing. that pic i sent that says lives with jose smith? Found out that its a real guy. and he isnt even a member of the church!! how crazy is that? but hes family of the pioneer family here in huanuco. hna holland and i were laughing so hard when we found out. 

angela is finally doing her commitments!!! but she still doesnt want to be baptized yet. i can see her in her white clothes. i know shell be baptized eventually. she is amazing!!! she came to church yesterday and everyone was so nice to her. i love her! also everytime we have a lesson something happens. its totally satan. the last time it was night and we were talking in her house and the power went out. totally killed the spirit. because it was pitch black but its okay! we just keep trying. 

i just wish i could be with you guys this week but im having my own thanksgiving over here! haha

Hna Rasmussen

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