Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This Week Changed My Life

Well guess what guys, this week has been amazing because everything just clicked!! Well duh I obviously cant speak one hundred percent but I can understand and communicate and teach!! It has been amazing. We have had so much more success this week. We are teaching with the spirit and its amazing. Also we have tried  to talk to more people every day and I have definitely seen a lot of  blessings because of that. I'm a lot happier because I'm fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. Also I'm forgetting about myself. I am a witness that even through hard times something amazing always comes out! Yes we still have hard days out here but as long as we are righteous we will be blessed. That scripture says that we cant control the priesthood. Only through our righteousness can we be blessed and its true. We cant control what happens but we can only change our attitude. So be happy!!!! and be righteous.

We found a less active named Vanessa. she is so cute! she has only been inactive for about 2 years. she used to accompany the missionaries and ride with them to Lima. but she started working on Sunday... be careful people! Little things really can do big damage. she has such a strong testimony. she just needed someone to remind her.
Also Angela came to church!!! shes so cute. she believes everything. she just needs a little more help recognizing this church as the church of god. the only church of god. she is adorable and i have loved being her friend.

i didn't write yesterday because we had a multi zone. it was fun seeing a lot of other missionaries and i saw hna Holden! shes doing great in cerro de pasco. i love president so much!!! he is so funny.

also something funny. so remember in the best two years when the guy was speaking English to him and he had no idea what he was saying? The same thing happened to hna holland! it was the funniest thing. the guy said what is your nationality and i started laughing because he was way old and i didn't expect him to speak English. then hna holland looks and me and says what is he saying??!! haha i laughed even harder!! hna hes speaking english. it was great.
I love the mission. there are so many fun things out here. Come what may and love it right???

I love you all so much!!!
Hna Rasmussen

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