Monday, November 16, 2015


hi family. I bet youll never guess what happened this week. Hna holland got bit by a dog!!! It was a mama dog. she was running and then stopped because she was running up the hill and then it just lunged forward and bit her. the other elders in our area, one got hit in the eye with a soccer ball so he cant work this whole week so theyve been going back to see the dog. we have to watch it for 10 days to make sure its still alive and doesnt have rabies. her bite is pretty sick! She looks like a warrier now. its just on her calf. i just cant believe that happened still!! it happened wednesday. but shes going good now!! 

so its sooo annoying how real satan is. just this past week it seems like every lesson we had something happened. it wasnt like a perfect spiritual lesson. its so hard!! but thats the job of the missionary is to invite that spirit. but we found the pioneer family. the first ones to be baptized here in huanuco and they are both 92. the mom is in really bad shape and is in the hospital but the dad is the cutest thing ever. mom i wish you could meet him!! He gives us high fives and he sings the hymns without even looking at music. his daughters are taking care of them so we go help out. he loves to see us and he loves to tell stories. he tells one and then at the end laughs and then immediately says another and then starts right into the next one. its sooo cute!! just his laugh makes my day. You guys know how much i love old people. this other lady asked us to come visit her son. she has like 70 years. and her son isnt a member but she is. we get to her house and there are four chairs perfectly lined up with saltine crackers and cola on the table with her house perfectly cleaned. it was the cutest thing ever!!! but her son couldnt come.. it was sad. i just love how wise old people are. we can all learn so much from them. they are so cute.
nothing really exciting happened this week. im not going to lie. my spanish is still struggling but its definitely coming!!! thanks to the gift of tongues. i just love you all so much and wish i could give you all big hugs. 

Hna Rasmussen

Oh my schedule!
I wake up at 6 20 and work out until 7 then shower and get ready until 8 because we eat breakfast in our room. then at 8 we do personal study then 9 we do companionship study then 10 spanish study then 11. a program called 12 weeks for the newbies what i am. and then we go teach a lesson at 12. then at one have lunch. then work until 8 when we have dinner. then plan for 30 min at 9 and then go to bed usually like 10 haha. its sometimes long but only if you dont lose yourself in the work.

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