Monday, October 26, 2015

This Is Going to Be Boring. . .

Whoever said it was easy to baptize in South America is a LIAR!!!!! It is not easy at all. We have worked sooo hard and had no visible success. It is hard to just walked and knock doors day after day and have people yell at you in spanish and then have drunk people just stare at you because they have no idea whats going on and then to have people look out the window and hurry and run away because they see who you are. Its hard work but i just want to help someone have the joy of the gospel like I have! Everyone here is so content with where they are and they dont even realize that there are things even greater out there! what can you do besides just keep working and trying harder. nothing.

Cambios were this week and im so blessed to be with Hna Holland once again. She really is my best friend i love her a lot. I got to see a lot of the new missionaries that just came in this transfer and i love it! Im not the newbie anymore but also i have been able to see how much i have grown in just the past six weeks. its crazy how much i have learned and how much i will continue to learn.

So since we havent had much luck we decided to make something for the Hermanas in our ward to gain their trust. Its way easy and sooo yummy! Its just a can of milk a can of sweetened condensed milk and seven limes and you lay down a layer of gram crackers and then that milk lime stuff and then another layer and then more milk stuff and then put it in the fridge over night. Try it!! Its so easy and so yummy! We went around and shared a message about missionary work so hopefully that worked.... 

So its crazy how close to the spirit you really are as a missionary. You can feel it leave immediately. We had a less active member who wanted to show us a picture of her friend. Well we looked at it and little did we know she is a devil worshipper! haha and the spirit literally left so fast. Its crazy how just little tiny things we do can ofend the spirit. Thats why we need to be so careful of what we do. Im grateful for that guide in my life though. It really is such a precious gift that we all have from our father in heaven so make sure you use it for your advantage!! Im grateful that it is in everything we do as missionaries. We know which streets to walk and who to talk to and what they need to hear. We were talking with this menos activo and she was baptized 25 years ago and the missionaries have been visiting her forever. She has a testimony but just wont come to church. We were so lost and had no idea what to teach her. Its frustating because she already knows everything but we both felt like we should teach tithing. How weird. She said she wasnt paying it and we promised her that she would have more success in her family if she did. You could tell the spirit was testifying to her and she felt guilty for not doing it. Hopefully something changes!! 

So funny of the week but kind of sad. we have to carry around that book of mormon case thing and this stupid dog ALWAYS! barks at us and i pretended to chuck my book of mormon at it because they usually run away when you pretend but i didnt pretend... my book actually went flying and he ran after it and chewed it!! Now i have teeth holes in my book haha. Dogs,.... They are annoying.

Well i love you all a lot and God bless each of you!!
Hna Rasmussen 

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