Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is Your Water On?

This week was interesting in the fact that it was just weird. We had interviews on Tuesday with President and i loved it! It was so nice to get to talk to him and just feel his fatherly love haha that sounds weird but its true. I love him a lot and am so glad he is in my life to guide and direct me. Then  Hna Holland got a little sick. So that was definitely not good. We changed pensions so we think it might have to do with that. He owns a restaurant and his food is very good and very peruvian. But Im not sick so its really weird! Just cross your fingers its not coming. Then this is the funniest part, so we were just finished praying to start planning for the next week when our district leader calls us. He tells us that they are going to shut off the water for the whole city of Huanuco for three days. And we need to hurry and fill up all of our buckets with stuff. Well we only have two little trash cans and then a bucket for our mop. That wasnt enough so we go ask our landlord lady who is so old and cute and she gives us a bucket a bit bigger than five gallons and then this massive massive metal bucket pot thing with handles. We went back to our room to fill it up. The only water that worked is the one from a little faucet close to the ground by our sink. Its randomly there. haha so we take two hours to fill up these things!! Two hours! We wasted so much time. And then Hna Holland is like dang it i should have washed my hair this morning! So we thought it would be the smartest to hurry and wash it while we have some what of water. So she was like laying on the toilet and i was washing her hair. We had no room because of all of the buckets full of water! She was laying there and saying i think im going to pass out. Hurry hurry! It was the funniest thing! Then we go out and work and come home and guess what. our water works... Like are you kidding me! So we were practically praying that our water would be off the next day so we could use the water in the buckets haha. And guess what it wasnt. it has worked this whole time. It was a pretty exciting experience. And then we had to find random time to finish planning. but i love Hna Holland. We have a really fun time.

We are teaching a single mom with three kids. They are so cute! They accepted to be baptized and i love teaching them because i stumble a bit on my spanish and it doesnt even matter because they are still being taught by the spirit. They have given us a lot of new investigators through their family and friends and are amazing people. Its true when people say you just love them so much and you dont even know why!

We are teaching another 22 year old mom. She has so much knowledge! We asked her to read the book of mormon intro page and she read all of the testimonies and when we asked her what she had learned she recited the whole joseph smith story like she was reading it. It was amazing! She really wants to get baptized but needs to get married to her husband first. So we might be having a wedding in the future!! Woo hoo!

She even came to conference with us. She really liked it but her daughter is one and kept running around so that was a distraction. And i watched the first session in spanish! I could understand the gist of things but wish i could have watched it in english but thats okay because i watched the rest in english. its fun watching conference with a lot of missionaries. it really is a lot better actually! I loved conference. Its interesting how they kept warning us to prepare. Prepare and love others. We need to really look at our lives and evaluate them and change them where needed. The prophets really can see what we need for the future so try a little harder to be a little better.

Heres a little tender mercy. So we have to carry a book of mormon in our hand 24 7 and sometimes you forget it because you have so many other things to carry. Well we have like case things to put a book of mormon in. Well last p day we went out shopping with our pension who is so sweet and bought each of us two new skirts... and were coming back with our groceries. Hna Holland forgot her case and BofM in the mototaxi which there are millions and theres no way you honestly could get it back. I felt bad because she had lost it already before and had to buy a new one so when she realized she lost it again i felt so bad. She would have to buy her third one! So I kneeled and prayed and then two min later there was a knock on our door. It was our landlord lady holding her book!!! The guy realized she left it and brought it back. Ah i couldnt believe my eyes. There are so many moto taxis here and there is no way they are that nice to come back. The Lord really is watching over us and answering prayers here even simple little ones. He loves all of us so much!!

I hope you all are doing amazing and if i can help let me know!! Even though im in the middle of peru.
Hna Rasmussen

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