Monday, September 21, 2015


I cant believe i am already writing you guys again!! Its crazy to me. We found a place to live and I am so grateful! Because I can finally study. So that's been nice. I love studying honestly! The gospel is so amazing if you just take ten minutes to sit down and study! You learn so much. Everything about this gospel just makes sense.
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We have only less actives that we are really teaching. One is a couple that isn't married. The guy doesn't want to get married but wants to know more about the church. Its so sad! Really I am so grateful for my parents who are married. There really are so many blessings from a man and a woman that do the will of God and get married. I can tell our family is more united from it and oh how I am so grateful for my family. 

The other is just struggling with life. She is so funny. We went to visit her and she walked out with no pants on! haha we were laughing so hard. She is like 50ish too. We took her to a little girls baptism and you could tell she knew she needs to get her life back in order. She was baptized 25 years ago but needs to do some changing. I love her and her sweet spirit. 

Another family, the dad wants to baptize the little girl but cant because he isn't wiling to give up some things. How grateful I am for dad!! I know he loves us and will do anything for us. If this mission has taught me anything it has taught me how important family is. It really is the central part to the gospel. God loves us so he gave us families. I am grateful for mine. And I know no family is perfect but that's why we are a family to grow and learn and help each other. I hope each of you are finding ways to help each other and support each other because the family is all you really have left when everything else is gone. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Church here is so different but still the same. As missionaries its frustrating because people don't realize the importance of church. We really do need to go every single week no matter where you are in the world. Because you need to renew your covenants and show God and Jesus Christ that you are trying and you are remembering them. Ward council is a little frustrating. They think that missionary work is totally all done by missionaries which is totally false. Missionaries leave every six weeks but members are there forever! They should be fellowshipping the people. They assign us families to go visit. We went and visited this one and the mom looked out the window and said no another day and walked away. It was actually kind of funny but we tried another time and they weren't home. So in ward council we told this guy what happened and he told us I know missionary work is hard but you guys are lacking confidence and need to try harder. It made us so mad!! We were so frustrated because we were thinking this guy has no idea what we are going through. He isn't learning a new language and what were we supposed to do? Be annoying and make them hate us? But one thing I am grateful for is the fact that the Savior knows what we are doing and how hard we are working. Don't let other people influence you. Always have the savior in mind and get your approval from him and be good to the missionaries!! Help them!! It is so much easier for investigators when members are involved. 

I love this gospel. Everything about it just makes so much sense. It really is a beautiful thing when the holy spirit testifies to you and when you testify of the gospel. I am grateful I am here preaching what I love so much and what makes me happy.

Love every single one of you!
Hermana Rasmussen 
or as some people like to call me Hna Rapunzel

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