Monday, September 14, 2015

I Promise I'm Alive!

Familia! Oh it feels so good to finally be able to write to you. My life has drastically changed but thats expected. The ride to Huancayo was rough. It was long and i felt so sick. I didnt think the altitude would bother me so much but it definitely did. I love President Henderson! He is so funny and very willing to help. He is a real guy and i love that he is very straight forward. I also love that Hermana Henderson is the same. She is very motherly which i love.

Hermana Holland and Hermana Rasmussen

My new companion is Hermana Holland from Orange county California. She is a blonde as well so its been fun being together. I love her and we get along so well so it is amazing!! I have been blessed with her as well. We traveled 7 hours away from Huancayo to Huánuco. Our área is Colonial and we share it with elders. We are opening it but not really because we are just taking the spot of other elders. It has been really stressful because i dont even know what i am doing let alone trying to start from scratch but its been fun. My pensionista is amazing!! her name is Karla and she makes amazing food. we havent eaten rice once! But we eat chicken quite a bit. she is such a cute lady. she is only like 36. So cross your fingers because i havent gotten sick yet.

 We dont have an apartment yet. so we have spent a lot of time looking for one. we have been sleeping at the Hermana leaders house on the ground with mattresses, living out of our suitcases haha. we think we found one and hopefully can move in tomorrow! I cant wait to finally get started. this week has been crazy and long but good haha.

The Ward here is great. There are two sisters here who help us all the time. i love it! they go with us to appointments and i appreciate their help so much. It makes me want to help missionaries when i go home. So sunday was interesting. we as missionaries had to take five min and bare our testimonies. It wasnt all that scary so thats good i just hope people understood my spanish haha. also they ran out of cups for the sacrament so they tried to fill some more up´but the wáter was turned off so they gave a Little deacon money to run and buy a wáter bottle down the Street. we all just sat and waited. it was pretty funny. oh latins! haha church is very different but also completely the same.

my first p day was great. we went on a hike but our bus broke down half way up the mountain so we walked the rest of the mountain to do the hike. it was beautiful. you hike to five differnt lakes. it actually looked a lot like Iceland. we were with a ton of missionaries and every single one asked if i was new. haha is it that obvious?? how funny. wow. life is great and i love being a missionary. its fun walking down the Street with random people coming up to you saying hermanas! and i just love my companion.

so patience,, haha i have definitely needed to learn that especially with spanish. i get very frustrated because of spanish. i cant speak it and i feel like i pronounce everything wrong and having a gringa companion doesnt help because all i want to do is speak english. and then in lessons i just sit there and smile and say my testimony a few times throuhgout the lesson. but i learned that patience and faith go hand in hand. everything will work out  with time. That is the key Word. preach my góspel says patience isnt being anxious or angry and that is something we can all work on. Now i need to work on humility.

So i was baring my testimony about family home evening i know kind of random but i realized how important family time is. Not being with you guys i cherish those moments when we were sitting in the family room and dad was yelling shush the yak. haha i love it. so spend more time together and enjoy it!!! because it really is the most happy you can be and this i testify.

Until we meet again.
Hermana Rasmussen

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