Monday, October 19, 2015

Fish Fart

So this week has been tough but can you believe i am done with one transfer! We find out cambios tomorrow. Im pretty positive Hna holland and i are staying together which thank heavens because i love her so much. 
So we went to visit this lady named Sonia a couple weeks ago and she was very hard hearted and very catholic. i didnt really think anything would happen with her so we just kind of put her on the back burner. Well last week we were walking past her house and i had the biggest feeling that we should visit her. She accepted us and boy is she prepared now. We taught her how to pray and she just bawled as she prayed and all i could say to her was how much God loved her. She has had a really tough life but its cool to see how the lord prepares people!! I love that she is somewhat progressing. No one has been doing anything and then  in the same day all of our people told us they were reading their book of mormon. It was like finally!!!! I just wanted to cry because i was so happy someone actually did something. 

I read D and C 1:23. I love it because the gospel can be preached by the weak and let me tell you i feel weak a lot but that doesnt matter. I can do it!!! The scriptures are amazing. I know they can help with every single problem in this world. I love this gospel.

So yesterday for lunch we had shrimp... and idont really like sea food but i ate it and it sure was squishy. And Hna holland put it in a napkin and put it in her bag. Well we go to church and she opens her bag and it smelt soooooo bad!!!! Haha i thought it was pretty funny. she forgot it was in there. She opened her bag and yells ew it smells like fish fart. haha it was good.

Sorry this is so short but i love you all so much!! Thanks for everything! Oh yeah and we tried to make cookies and that didnt really work out either.. just tasted like flat burnt chocolate with oats. but it was a good little taste of home. Lve you all!

Hna Rasmussen

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