Monday, March 28, 2016

Bye Cerro De Pasco?

soooo... this week was semana santa.. so friday was when christ died right? so what do peruvians do? they leave their houses and go to the middle of nowhere peru and play volleyball,eat fruit and trout. what a great tradition haha.. literally not a single person was home!!!!!! we walked all day. it was really fun.. haha but im just glad it wasnt dangerous for us. they reacted the crucifixion but the guy didnt actually die. we just stayed away from that part of the city. 

All the Hermanas in Cerro
guess what i did this week!!!!! we ate a frog... so this lady picks up this alive frog and smacks it against the table a few times. then peels off the skin. rips out the guts and washes it out. then they boil it and put it in a blender with this weird soup stuff. and honey which i hate and then lots of weird powerders... then blends it up for literally ten minutes. they gave me a cup of this stuff and i drank it all!!! it was sooo hot.. and i drank it slower than i should have because all the frog pieces settled to the bottom. it wasnt that bad but im so glad we dont do that in the US. thats called animal cruelty. haha it was a fun experience though. 

a funny story. we found these really religious guys and they were telling us how what we should be preaching is the 10 commandments. so we open up to mosiah 13 and show them the commandments. then we tell them they need to pray about it and know what the guy says? oh i already know the book of mormon is the word of god because it has the ten commandments in it... wow what great faith haha we were laughing soo hard. thats th first time anyone has accepted the book of mormon immediately haha. 

My District

cambios are manana... im scared because i think i am leaving cerroo... but we will see!!! maybe ill go to the sweaty hot jungly... but where ever i go its where god needs me... i love you all and hope you had an amazing easter!!!!

a talk you all should read... its amazing. beware of pride by ezra taft benson.. we all are prideful but we can work on that... READ IT!!!

Love you all soo so much!

Hna Rasmussen

The toilets here and what I have to use

the heads . . . 

These cute girls that love us and don't want us to leave

Lucero and her brother Daniel
(she was baptized in Oct.)

What we eat. . . Bleh I hate fish heads

58 seconds before the women's conference starts

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