Monday, April 4, 2016


I left Cerro de Pasco!!! We never thought that day would come. I am now in La Florida in Huancayo. It is soo beautiful here and the weather is amazing!!! This area is seriously like the states. How weird is it to be in really nice houses and really nice cars. Everyone has a car! How weird! I love my new pension and everything. This area is going to be amazing I know it. My new companion is Hna Spitale from Argentina. Guess what everyone! Her dad was president of the Argentina Bahia Blanca mission. Which was Jonathan's mission president. My companion knows Jonathan!!! How weird of a connection! The world is soo small. She is sooo cute. And she is definitely helping me with my Spanish. But its fun to be in a new area. 

hna Spitale
Conference. How amazing was it no? It was so fun to be in the stake center when they announced the Lima Peru temple!! They were all sooo excited! Ahh! the people here are blessed. I was so excited too.

I loved what President Monson said "choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong". It is sooo true!! And as well as what Hollland said "give your heart to god". How amazing how everyone talked about the atonement. Seriously! Everything can be corrected through the atonement. I know its true!!!! I love this gospel. I can not wait to read the messages again. Well I will let you all know more about my area later. Stay tuned.... have an amazing week!

Hna Rasmussen

Lider Misional Del Barrio Hno Betto

Mi pensionista con su hija kelly

hna godfrey and hna goyzueta

Tallest city in the world!

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