Monday, April 25, 2016

What's the Mish?

Dear family.
How are you all doing this week? Grant is going to Mexico!!!! What? I never thought. Seriously. I wanted it to be spanish speaking... now we can talk about all of you and you'll never know hahaha.... but I cant believe he is leaving in September either. Wow... get busy Grant! I waited four months and that was hard! But good luck. You'll be great. The mission is amazing. 

So this week was not that great. I'm not going to lie. We literally didn't work because my companion was sick! Poor thing. I woke up to her throwing up in the bathroom. I felt so bad but now she is better. My first experience with throw up. I've made it pretty far don't you think? Also speaking about making it far... I turn 9 months old in the mission this week!!!!!! I'm literally half way done.. I don't know how in the world that happened but it did. I also am scared because everyone says the second half goes by a million times faster. I guess I just better buckle up. 
I love the mission. We were in a lesson and this little girl asked me what does the mission mean to you? What a profound question!!! I literally started bawling and the spirit testified to me that this is the work of the Lord. This is the true church!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!! The mission means everything to me. I love seeing people change. I love that the gospel changes families. I love seeing the power of the atonement. I love loving people that I don't even know or never have even spoken to. I just love it. It is hard at times but that doesn't even matter. I only have 9 months to give it all I've got!!! We got this right?

A little food for thought. We can measure our true conversion by the desire we have to share the gospel. Isn't that so true? We shouldn't be selfish. If we have seen this gospel and the happiness it brings to us in our lives then we should do everything we can to share it with others!!!! Help the missionaries in your areas!!!! They will love you forever! Like I love you all... have an amazing week.

Hna Rasmussen

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