Monday, April 18, 2016

Tears. . . .and Tears

I don't think this week was normal.. I saw more people crying than I have my whole mission... and crying a lot because their parents beat them.... how heart breaking it is to see that! You see people in the States but its not like here... it is such a bad tradition and needs to stop. But also I have learned soooo much this week about what it means to be a parent! Its kind of weird to be learning that as I am clearly single... but holy cow. Mom, Dad,,, thank you so much for being wonderful parents that love me and support me. I am so blessed to have you both! Thank you for your examples. It is so sad how many people don't know how to be parents because they didn't  have parents that showed them! Wow. I love you guys. But it also made me excited to be a mom!! And scared out of my mind haha. oh the things you learn on a mission. Be prepared Grant haha. 

Also to everyone. I DID NOT CUT MY HAIR! The pensions daughters were just playing with it to see what it would look like if i did but it. No worries. I wouldnt do that haha. But everyone. Thank your parents and try to be better parents. We can all improve!

Hna Rasmussen

my first time cuying birth control pills.. on the mission haha. they are soo cheap here and if you crush them up and put them in your shampoo then your hair grows really fast apparently... so im growing to try it.

                                      peru.... chicken in the ice cream freezer..yummy right? 

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