Monday, January 9, 2017

He Is the Light of This World

well family. im here just about ready to go to Huancayo once again.. then ill go again on saturday to end the mission. im ending the mission. its sad to say but this week is my last week of using my power and authority that God has given me. im so glad that i have had this time to learn and grow. i know that it doesnt end here though. it keeps on going! thats the good thing about life.. is that we are always growing and learning and experiencing things. Thats why we have a savior. we can be better people through Him. and only through Him. im grateful that i have grown closer to him and have learned a lot more about who He is. i know im not perfect and ill never be. and i know that i dont know everything but ill keep striving to know more and more how i can be perfected through Christ. im grateful for the people i have met. the companions i have had and the trails i have lived. i know that this time is beautiful but i also know that there is beauty in every time of life. i am super excited to see you guys and share with you all everything i have seen and heard and lived. the lord is mindful of us as his children. we are soooo loved and we take it for granted. keep moving forward. i know that when we honestly get sooo tired and feel like we cant anymore thats when the lord helps us and gives us another boost. lean on him. he will help.
Hna Rasmussen

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