Monday, August 15, 2016


Ambo is great!!! im literally walking hills all day and already have lost weight haha. but im getting used to the heat. i know the lord is helping me because mom you know me.. i dont do well in heat. but im grateful for this area. Hna Aramayo is great. she is from bolivia and we get along really well. we just have a fun time here. my pension is such a young lady. but she always has the food ready and i love it!!! also my spanish is great. i dont want to brag but my blessing has come true. everyone keeps asking me how i learned and how im able to pronounce things exactly like them and how im able to talk. i dont know. i just know that the Lord has helped me more than anyone or anything. im grateful for this blessing. its fun to watch people get all shocked when they hear me start speaking. because im obviously not from here. but we have fun pretending icant speak spanish and stuff. the mission is fun. 
It was funny. we share a house with this old lady. she used to live in the mountains on a field growing who knows what but she has dementia. she doesnt remember anything! we get back from breakfast and she doesnt remember that she saw us leaving. but i love her so much.. she does know that she goes to church everys unday. she tells us what day is it? because every sunday i go to church. i have never ever missed. and its true. she always goes. i love her. but the other night i heard her saying her prayers. it seriuosly was the cutest thing. it helped me. maybe it was something simple but it heled me realize that really prayers and church are important. even her with dementia tremembers and us? what is our problem? do your prayers every night!!!!!!!!

a little kid recieved a blessing of health. he the other day tried to give me a blessing. he is three and he made me wait until he put his hands on my head and orayed. he prayed for his mom and dad and said amen.. it was the cutest thing. and his parents arent even members. it was really funny because he had to give one to everyone in the room but what a little kid with faith.

the lord really protects us.. the whole city usually doesnt have light at night. its scary because its pitch black and its a hill so you have no idea who is around the corner. well literally our apartment is the first one that has light and then everyone below. but our house... the first one when everyone else above us has nothing.. dad thanks for the flashlight. i always carry it around now haha. but we also are the only ones that always have water. i dont know how but thank you!! im so grateful. 

i played piano in church yesterday. it went well.. but i played hymns made easy.. hahaa i just get really scared. im sad because i feel like all my talent left. but i know i just need to startpractiving again. the ward now wants me to hold piano lessons.. something i thought i would never ever do in my life haha... but thanks mom for always making me take lessons. im going to do it with my kids too ha.

I hope you all are learning little things everyday. literally we can always be learning.. its amazing!!

Hna Rasmussen

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