Monday, August 1, 2016

FAMILY!!! how are you all?

I HIT A YEAR IN THE MISSION!!!!! how crazy is that???? family... i havent seen you in one year. im so weirded out by that but i know that my time is short and i have to enhoy it all, i love you all and i know that i am going to AMBO! i cant believe it.. how weird is that. im going to ambo which is huanuco otra vez. i hope i get to see hna holland again!!! i love her so much. i hope all is well. im praying for you all. be safe and make good decisions. what would Jesus do??

Hna Rasmussen

me and hna jenifer thats getting baptized aug 20th!!!! yay!!!
pachamanca! i want you all to try it.. you eat with your hands and its litterally just pollo y papa but its soooo good! my pension with her family and her sister and then my one year... they threw a litttle party for me.. so cute!

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