Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Half Way Done with the CCM

Holy cow!! I finally was able to go to the temple today. It was so nice to be able to listen to something familiar even though it was in español haha. But i loved being there. The room was so tiny. it only fit 25 people and we were all missionaries... but i am grateful for the house of the lord. This week has been lots of ups and downs. I think i finally figured out how to plan so i have a better and more productive day and i love to teach actually. Hna Holden and i taught our district about when nephi goes and gets the plates with his brothers. There are so many things in that story that apply to missionaries. My favorite part is when nephi comes across a drunk man and his miracle is literally right there before him!! he doesn't realize it but thats his miracle. i just think how dad always said that you never know who can change so treat everyone like they are a miracle. You dont know what youll come across next but what you do could be a miracle. I love that story. I love that literally every story in the Bookof mormon can apply to us in some way. its a great book!!

So on sunday, we all have to prepare five min talks. in spanish. in our own words. Then out of all of the north americans which is about 90 they pick 4 to speak. 2 elderes and 2 hermanas. They always call the avancados which are the people that have been there the longest. And the people that just turned avancados, none of them had gotten called yet so they all knew it was going to be them. I am an intermedio so im in the middle and then the people that just got there are pricipiantes. So i prepared mine about the holy ghost and how we need to stay worthy of it and i wrote about lots of things it helps us with. I kept feeling like i needed to look over it and keep fixing it. I bet you know where im going with this huh? So on sunday morning i have a feeling to mark all the scriptures in the spanish book of mormon incase i get called... so they call three people up and they are all avancados. then all of a sudden he says hermana rasmussen serving in the peru huancayo mission. Every hermanas head just turned in my direction so fast... I freaked out! I did not want to get infront of every body and have them judge my spanish but i had to do it. So i get up and sit on the stand. Then i gave my speach and then i sat down. I actually felt really comfortable up there. After ward, EVERYONE kept saying how good it was and how good my spanish sounds and how they could completely understand what i was saying. My branch president said in front of all of the intermedios who are the people that came the same night as me, that i did a wonderful job and that i am definitely using the gift of tongues. It was nice to hear some good feedback. Im glad i don't have to really worry about giving a talk now. but with my luck ill probably get called again. but if i were Amber... :)
Heres a tender mercy for you. It was seriously such a bad day and i told Hna Holden all i want is homemade lasagna and homemade breadsticks. We walked to dinner and they literally had lasagna and garlic bread! It was really cool. It definitely wasnt as good as moms but i knew the Lord was lookin out for me haha.
I have a joke for you all. How did Harry Potter get down the hill? By walking... JK rowling. I laughed and i hope you did too haha.

I love playing soccer with all the latinos. Its pretty fun and because you are an hermana, they arent allowed to touch you so you can just run up and grab the ball. Its so fun! Amber and scott would be so proud. im going to get way good and then ill kick your trash when i get home muahahaha.

I have been sick still which is annoying. I woke up one morning with all this goopy stuff coming out my eye. I was freaking out because i went to class and the elder i sit next to said the same thing... So i went to see Hna Gonzales who is the CCM president's wife and she made me go see the doctor. They had to look at it like three different times to rule out pink eye. So i had to wear my glasses all week and throw away my contacts... My cough is way annoying and this elder is obsessed with asking me if im okay! ITs so nice but kind of annoying. Every single time i cough. Are you okay? YES! haha hes nice but i'll be fine.

All i have to say is that everytime we have a bad day, i swear the next day is always sooooo amazing. i love it. And then the next day you barely remember why you even had a bad day. Thanks for you quote dad. The one about all you have to do is whats necessary and then whats possible and you are doing the impossible. Some days you feel like you have no time to do anything but you have so much to do! and this has given me a lot of hope. I love GOD!! This church is true and i am grateful for the chance to serve the people here in Peru. This saturday we go proselyting and im so scared. But so excited!!! It'll definitely be an eye opener for sure.

I love you all and thanks for you prayers!!!

Until we meet again XOXOX

Hermana Rasmussen

Hermana Rasmussen and Hermana Nielsen

Hermana Holden, Hermana Rasmussen,  Hermana Schyler, Hermana Olson (from Canada)

The Lima temple

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