Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week Dos!

Hi family!!!
I am so excited to email you this week! IT has gone by way fast. And the sad thing is it is just going to go by faster and faster. the funny thing was that last week when i emailed you all i got an email back from dad that said Thanks. HAHA!! that was it! I was laughing so hard!!! Also dad i love your note you gave me with the mints. I taped it on my desk and i see it multiple times a day and it gives me so much hope. Love you!
So on Thursday we had ayuno de ingles. That means no spanish. And we did actually pretty well! There were a few things that we had to look up but we can get around pretty well. Spanish is crazy and i can't believe how much i actually know. I am very grateful for the chance to learn this language. And for the fact that God trusts me to preach His gospel in this language. In my class we were talking about Mosiah8:8-18 and that story seriuosly applies to me so much. Then my teacher went on to testify about how he knows that god wants us to learn spanish for a reason and not to just serve a mission. We will need this knowledge later. It hit me so hard because of my patriachal blessing. I know God knows me!
A couple gross things... I was eating my dinner and luckily it was the last bite but i looked down and saw a little black bug crawling on my plate... it was kind of gross but the sad thing is that it wont be the last one haha. Also i got sick again. Pretty much everyone is sick here in the CCM. My district of 8 has 6 people sick. I have a nasty cough, cold and sore throat. IT isnt bad but just way annoying. I woke up one morning and my neck hurt really bad. I felt it and there was a golf ball sized zit thing on it!!!! I was freaking out. Hna Nielsen tried to pop it and then we realized it was a bug bite. It has finally gone down but i won't wear my hair up because it looks nasty.
I love the latinas here!!! We get to go through three sets because they are only here for two weeks. I became such good friends with Hna Fallas from Costa Rica. I am totally going to visit her after this. I love her. Today is the first day for Latins and some North americans. I cant believe i have already been here for two weeks! I have only talked to a few north americans but we are still finding so many connections. I love it.
Mom, remember how wendy lamping was telling me to find Sabrina Nielsen? Well i did! And i love her. We are way tight. its kind of funny how that connection was made. Did you help scott move my stuff out of my room? I hope he did it nicely, Shows how much you care about me :(
Will you send my tights to my mission home? Its kind of chilly here in lima so i wonder what its like in huancayo... Also everything has to be sent to the mission home and it would be fun to get letters when i get there! Also my little tank top things that go under a shirt for a low cut shirt. Black or white that i had in my closet.. forgot those. Will you send me my address to for the mission home??
Dad i dont know what i want for christmas... havent really thought that far ahead but ill think about it! and let you know.
Scott, I didnt take the ipod stick thing. so i dont know where it is, also i bet you and amber were the absolute best at your piano recital. How was inside out? You should make a list of movies i need to see when i get back. That would be nice :) Have fun in school!!! ITs fun to have periods. Good luck!
Amber your funny stories are the best!!! Keep them coming. I love the one about braile :) i was laughing very hard.
Something that is way cool is that we were talking about why a mission is hard. And then i realized duh!! Why would it be easy for me if it was never easy for Christ?? If i am a disciple of christ then i should feel some of what he felt and walk down partly the path that he walked down. It was a really calming feeling to know that its okay that itll be hard. ITs supposed to be.
I am grateful for how much this gospel relates to everyone. Whatever their problem is, it can help them. We have taught so many lessons now. Pretty much one every day sometimes two and i really do love it. I love teaching by the spirit and i love being able to share my joy. I am grateful for the opportunity to be called to serve the people of peru. They are amazing and I am glad God trusts me to be a missionary. I love you all very very much!!! I think about you everyday but am still very proud of myself for still not having cried :) Si se puede! that is our districts theme. It means you can do it!! Have a wonderful week.
Hermana Rasmussen

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