Wednesday, August 26, 2015

mi familia! como están?

so this week was pretty intense. i am officially the oldest at the CCM. How weird is that? as long as i dont look old.I have officially been gone a whole month which doesnt seem like that much but honestly it is because i only have 17 months left! i am not counting down though because i dont want to wish it away. I love learning more about the Love God has for each of us.
so i went proselyting this week and it was amazing!!! I was freaking out though because they put me with a member who got back from her mission 1 year ago and then just me. I was literally only spanish speaking. we were in the lima east mission. we started walking down this street and this old man was walking toward us. she said okay talk to him. so i started talking to him and then i literally talked to him!! i gave him a book of mormon and he was thrilled. he loved that i was american talking to him in spanish. he was having so much fun. he was the cutest old man mom like those ones we love that are farmers and wear the overalls. i felt pretty accomplished but then i thought dang i still have two hours and i already got rid of my book of mormon. so then we walked to a park and talked to a ton more people.
I am grateful for God because i was really lacking confidence in my spanish and so i was extremely nervous. i talked to this lady with a son and she was talking to me in spanish and then all of a sudden she started talking in english. I was a little surprised but i kept talking to her in spanish. she asked me how long i had been learning spanish and i said its been 3 and a half weeks and she wa BLOWN AWAY!! she couldnt believe that she could actually communicate with me. it was really really neat. and then she said in english, oh man i am so confused because i dont know if i should speak english or spanish to you. And then i said in english, you tell me what ever language you want and ill speak it. it seriously just made me realize right then and there that because the lord has trusted me to learn spanish, think of how many more people i can speak with. it was the neatest experience. i am grateful for that lady because she helped me realize that i really am speaking with the gift of tongues and i am learning extremely fast. then the member i was with told me my pronunciation is amazing. she asked me if my parents were from spain because i am white but i can speak so great, that is definitely not the case my friend. remember my setting apart blessing? yeah i do too. then she said at this rate, in three more months you will have perfect spanish. it was a really neat day.
then we went and contacted this way old couple wearing like the traditional clothes. they were from cerro de pasco which is my mission!! We literally sat on the grass of the park and taught them the plan of salvation. it was really fun. i couldnt understand it all but when my companion looked at me i knew where to start. I am so grateful they gave us that opportunity on saturday but now i just want to go to the field and learn there! haha which probably isnt good because i have lots more to learn but i looking forward to learning more outside of the huge walls of the CCM.
so since i am on MY journey to become more like the savior, i want you all to join me!! Every week i am going to study a christ like attribute. This week i am going to study all about faith. Study it too and then email me before next week and tell me what youve learned. some great places to start is in the bible dictionary and preach my gospel chapter 6. we can all improve in every part of our lives. Faith is an amazing thing and with it anything can happen. so try to increase your faith and become more like Christ. growing is a wonderful thing.
something funny but not that funny is another spanish mishap. Hna Holden and i were sitting on this table with all latinas. We were eating and that day we just barely learned the word for shoulders which is hombros. so this one girl fell and really hurt her knee so another girl said she would massage it. then i said will you massage my hombres. which is men. and the whole table just laughed and laughed and laughed. i didnt realize it for a while but it was pretty funny. much more of those will come!
I have realized that i really am tired all of the time. but this work is energizing!!! When i study i dont sit and think i want to sleep. If thats what you are thinking then you need to change what you are studying. Study something you find interesting. Study what the lord needs you to hear. I am just so happy and cant wait to actually change peoples lives and bring them the most amazing message on this earth that Christ lives and we can be happy. This is a gospel of joy and we need to live it like it is. Be happy!! God loves you and so do i.
OH YEAH!!! Elder Bednar and his wife are coming to the CCM today!!! I forgot but i am very excited. ill get to shake his hand! ah so exciting. but ill let you know about it next week. Have an amazing week at school at home at work or wherever you are. Christ lives and is our savior.
Hermana Rasmussen

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