Tuesday, December 22, 2015


family i cant wait to skype you this week!!!! i am so excited! right now i am in Huanuco with Hna Holland... all of the missionaries from cerro were allowed to come to huanuco for a conference of christmas with president. we were allowed to stay with hna holland and let me tell you it was such a joyous reencountering. sorry dont knjow how to speak english anymore. but i am sweating again haha. and i dont want to go back to cold cerro but oh well.

the sad news. we didnt have a baptizm.. we need to wait a little bit and then hopefully it will happen eventually. i know jhnny is really prepared and wants to be a member. but everything happens in the lords time.
so for huanuco we had to buy a five sole gift. and i bought a frog.. haha and it was the hit of the party!!! and i got nice pringles in return... haha!!! it was so nice!!! president was laughing at my gift really hard. hopefully his new owner is a good person. im sure he is taking care of him. 
This week we had divisions for the first time. i was with our hna leader hna crawford. it was so nice to see someone elses area in cerro but its very differnt. we have the crazt hectic markets and they have the really quiet suburb area. but its fun to be in the city. 
also a member said something this week that really hit me. he comes to church but isnt completely worthy to partake of the savrament. he owns one of the most popilar restaurants in cerro. he told us how much he missed the holy ghost. hes like i miss having that constant companionship. i would rather have that constant companhionship than 1000 of my restaurants and their money. that hit me so hard because as members we always have the spirit if we are worthy. right? but we dont realize it until we miss it. so are we taking advantage of it? are we listening to the spirit? i hope you are all really using him as your guide because thats what he is there for. im grateful for the spirit and its guide and this christmas time. i love you all and cant wait to talk to you!!!!
Hna Rasmussen

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