Monday, December 7, 2015

Where In the World Am I?

Hi family. so i guess ill start with my last week in Huanuco. it was a beautiful week and it felt like everything that we worked so hard for two transfers was paying off. people came to church and others started to change and do their compromises. then we had transfers. and guess where i got sent?? yep thats right where i thought i would never go. CERRO DE PASCO!!! the highest city in the world and the highest stake. its so high that i seriously cant breathe sometimes. its kind of scary. but there are so many up sides to cerro!! i never have to shower. we dont even need a fridge because its so cold. i never have to do my hair. and also i can wear the same thing over and over and no one even knows. its really hard work here and it rains and snows every day but i guess the gospel really isnt for the weak right? also my new comp is Hna Delgado from Ecuador. I prayed for so long that my new comp would have patience with my spanish. and guess what God answered my prayer. she is so patient with me and i love her sooooo much!!! she really is an amazing person. and an amazing missionary. and im excited to learn a lot from her.

So everyone here thinks i am hna Rapunzel. no one can say my name. i bore my testimony in the church yesterday and they introduced me as Hna rapunzel. its kind of funny. so these two little boys straight uo believed it. they asked for my autograph! then they thought i lived in disneyland and asked me all about the other princesses. haha it was cute. i really struggled the first two days when i got here but ive been praying so much for love and i can testify that the scripture by moroni about charity is true. if you pray for love you will recieve it!!!! ah i really like cerro. I just miss my comp hna Hollland. because she was my best friend but no importance. i just love the work of the lord. He knows what he is doing. im not doing anything it feels like. i love you all so much and cant wait to talk  to you in like 18 days!!!! have a good week and listen to christmas music for me! i miss it a lot...
Hna Rasmussen

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