Monday, December 14, 2015

Is It Wonderful For You?

family!!!! feliz navidad!!

Oh how i miss you this christmas season but it doesnt even matter. i love you all so much and hope you are enjoying the real white snow. not this random wet rain like here in cerro de pasco. So guess what. we are having a baptism this week!!! i forgot to write about him last week but his name is Johnny and he is really great. he alrady had such got values and norms. But he is ready to be baptized. we have taught him all lessons in the past two weeks and he always comes to church and activities without hesitation. it really was so easy. i feel like i didnt do anything besides talk about the gospel. hes a really good young guy. im super excited!!!  
This area has really opened my eyes. there is so much poverty here. its sad to see little kids living like this but it has made me even so much more grateful. im grateful for a loving family! im grateful for my parents to help me do whats right. im grateful to live in AMERICA! Im grateful for the knowledge and hope i have in the gospel. im just grateful that i can be happy. that i know i can choose to be happy. i love life. i really do! 
so i was reading this talk titled is it still wonderful to you? by bishop gerald causse. it really made me think. So im asking you all a question. is the gospel still wonderful for you? are you still learning new things? do you look forward to new things? or going to church? if not then you need to figure something out because this gospel is full of learning. it never ends. it is beautiful!! it is amazing! It is something that helps us in every single aspect of our lives. Find a topic you want to study and study your little heart out and fall in love with the gospel!! But yes it will talk time on your part. you will need to be diligent. and hard working. but this gospel is a blessing. enjoy it! take advantage of it!! Be HAPPY!!!!!! i cant wait to talk to you on Christmas. i LOVE the gospel and i love you all!!!!

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