Monday, September 12, 2016

Holy Cow!

HOLY COW! this week has been very crazy. lets just start off by saying that we now do cambios on lunes instead of martes and i got changed. but i knew that on thursday because they called me and hna aramayo telling us that AMBO was getting closed. they dont have a lot of missionaries coming in. elderes or hermanas. its sad! so many are leacving and there arent many coming in. but they closed ambo and now im in an area called alameda. im also hna leader. i have to do a lot more work now.. yikes!! but itll be okay. ill learn a whole lot im sure. im excited. and my comp is hna esparza! shes from ecuador. shes way cool and speaks a lot of english so she can help me learn english again haha. i love the mission and cant believe i only have three changed left. oh how time flies by. its been a hectic week of cleaning and throwing things away. packing and trying to get lots of stuff organized. im going to miss ambo but im ready for new things. i like change. i hope you all are doing great! love you all sooo much.

Hna Rasmussen

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