Monday, September 19, 2016


muchos milagros esta semana! so its funny but not at the same time. this area has a million and one borrachos. or drunk men that are sooooo drunk they walk. they fall. they sleep on the sidewalk in the middle of the city. these poor men. well this poor guy came up to me and said he was a member! i dont know. how sad. i felt really bad and he started preaching about josepf smith. then another guy was sleeping on the sidewalk. his bag was on top of his chest open so obviously someone had robbed him. well we passed and realized he had a bill of 20 soles in his hand. it started blowing away. i felt so bad! hah this guy saw it and wanted to pick it up but saw that we were watching him. so we ran to collect it and the guy wakes up! he starts looking around in his bag and his pockets. so my comp runs and shoves it back in his hand and we start running away. there were like 10 people watching us. the drunk guy just looked at us because he didnt really understand what was happening.  this guy watching came up to us and started talking to us. he was really interested in the book of mormon and even wanted to buy it from me! i told him it was free though and he was grateful. and said he wants to come sunday. so well see if he does actually come. but we can always serve everyone. even drnk peole. obviously we should always be careful but doing good acts other people see and change for our good actions. another cool story. we were at the end of an alley. in my area there are a lot of dogs. i was so scared because at the very end of this dark alley we visiteed this family and then we leave and there is a huge scary dog barking at eveyone. then he sits down right in the middle of the road. how were we supposed to leave? so i say lets pray. we literally prayed that the dog would leave. we looked up and he sat there... my comp said yeah lets go. i said hold on a second. i know hes going to leave. then three seconds later. he stands up and leaves... WHAT?? we looked at each other like what???? are you kidding me? God protexts his missionaries! haha we were so happy. it was really cool. i love hna esparza sooo much. she is so amazing. shes like a latina but inside shes really gringa. i love her. she helps me be a better person. we are working so hard and finding so many people. even when people reject us and it still hurts. we still contine laughing and enjoying this work. i love the mission. i love the things im learning. im so proud of grant and cant believe he is actually leaving already and that the time has come. i love you all family. i really do. have an amazing week!

Hna Rasmussen

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