Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcome to Mexico

Officially we are two missionaries in the field!!!! wow! the day finally arrived. how do you feel parents? i know that youll be recievving muchas bendiciones muy pronto. so buckle up. something i forgot to tell you guys forever ago.. is that jennifer from huancayo got baptized!!! she got baptized 2 weeks after i left. so i didnt get to see it but she writes me and is doing really good. yay! also we went to huancayo this week. we left monday and got back Tuesday. as hna leader we have to go to all of the leaders meetings. we were with all the zone leaders and saw president. it was a really good training! but we were sooo tired from traveling six hours two days in a row. and on really windy roads. its really terrible actually haha but we have fun and have to entertain us inthe cars with our hymns playing really loud haha. and of course i was called to lead the music at the conference. i dont know what it is vut i ALWAYS get called to lead the music. i guess its just my luck- when we got back hna esparza and i gave our first trainnig to the zone. about being guided by the spirit. thank you mom for the chocolate cinnamon bears haha. everyone wanted to participate so i think it would be safe to say it was a success and everyone wanted to share stories. it was fun.

a good meta that we have put as a companionship is to testify by contacting. it seriuosly is the neatest thing to talk to a random person inthe street and just testify and have the spirit so strong. we started talking to an evangelica. they are sooo stubborn and never listen to us. but this lady kept talking and then asked why i was here. i just started testifying and she shut upp! it was so cool and the spirit was so strong. she said we could visit her but tht she grew upo in her church so she doesnt want to come but afterwards was so nice. it was really cool. so now we knock on the door and just immediately start testifying and everyone has veen a lot nicer and actually listen to our message. i know this next week we are goingnto have exito because i can just feel it. i loved the conference about the women of the church. it was beautiful. i got to watch it in english. i loved presdident uchtdorfs talk. he talked about faith. i loved the last part about knocking on doors and how we cant give up and how it might not be in the first door but like 40 doors down. we have definitely experienceced that. its hard but its the mission. you have to just keep going and  keep pushing and maybe 1 out of 50 doors accepts you. but if thats true then ill have to knock on 100 doors to have two people. its hard and tiring work but its the lords work and i know he is preparing people for me. its a great day in the mission field. come what maay and love it- 

Hna Rasmussen

us going to huancayo, i straightened my hair!

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