Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz 26 de Diciembre

it was sooo amazing to talk to you guys! i loved it so much. i cant wait to get home and see you all. itll be such a beautiful experience. 

a lot of things happened this week. we went to do divisiones in cerro de pasco and it was sooo amazing! i saw a lot of the people up there and they all rmembered me! that was a releif haha and i just was soo happy to see that miguel was still going to church with his mom josephina and he is dating one of the girls i was rescuing,... ahhh i hope they get married and sealed in the temple. it would be the cutest thing ever. 
we had  a multi zone and it was so amazing to see the video that you guys did. i did cry. it seriuosly made my whole christmas. thank you! and thanks grant as well for doing it there in mexico.i love you all! 
we did a super fun activity. we went to a shopping mall and contacted outside. the elders dressed up as the three wisemen and a gringo as santa clause. every kid went crazy. they were so excited to see papa noel. they all wanted photos. we also wrapped books of mormon with our tstimonys inside. we gave them all out. my comp and i talked to  96 people... in like 3 hours... it was soo fast! but i jusut hope at least one person gets baptized from our activity. it was fun. i lov christmas and i love that we can remember christ. i love this gospel. im grateful he was born 

Hna Rasmussen

They all have been my comps
Canari, Spitale, Esparza
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The tree in Huancayo

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