Monday, December 5, 2016


she got baptized!!! camila got baptized... i cant believe it. she got her moms permission and her mom even drove to the jungle to get her dad to sign the permission. fasting works!! i cant believe it. it was a beautiful day. and she even went by herself. her mom didnt show up until after the closing prayer and her dad was still working far away. she went. camila is amazing. she has changed. shes only 12 but wow i have seen such a big change in her. and it was beautiful because i finally was able to see some what of our fruits of our labors with hna esparza. we had cambios today and she left for hhuancayo.. im going tomiss hna esparzaa lot.... like a lot a lot but now i have hna cañari.. shes from peru but has lived in argentina her whole entire life. the intersting part is that shes 27.. shes old but sooo so sweet. im excited to be with her and see what will happen my LAST TRANSFER 
i cant believe that time is coming to an end. what has happened? but hna cañari is going to kill me...and we have two more hnas. so we are officially in charge of 12 hnas. they are the hnas in cerro de pasco... so you know what that means? we get to do exchanges in cerro in my old area!!!! i get to go see all of them and say bye.. can you believe it??? i cant believe it. but im so excited. but its going to be a reallly really fast transfer and the next thing i know ill be in the wintery cold utah. but im excited. im offficially only 6 weeks away from getting home. ready or not family here i come.. 
Hna Rasmussen

i cant send pics because all the computers here have viruses and im afraid to love pics... so ill just wait until i get home.

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