Monday, November 28, 2016

i have been super blessed. i havent really gotten sick yet but now im oding a lot better. wednesday morning before we left to huanuco president gave me a blessing. so that was nice of him and i know ill be okay. i just know that when i get home i have to immediately go to a doctor... and the dentist. and maybe the chiropractor. but HAPPY 16 MONTHS! i cant beliee i have made it this far. i remember when i had 6 months my comp had 16 and i would think everyday... wow. im never ever getting to that point. b ut here i am. Huancayo was good. we had a good conference with president and all the leaders of the mission. there are about 48 elders and 10 sisters. 
CAMILA.. well we are going to have a baptism real soon. we had a lesson with her on saturday and she just cried and bore her testimony saying she knows the gospel changes lives... and shes only 12. it was so beautiful to see. honestly i feel like i havent even done anything but she has had the desire so she has had the change. we just have to wait for her mom to sign. i know she will though. with faith! 
This week i learned that honestly the book of mormon can answer any wuestion we ask ourselves. any question of the soul. its there. the spirit will guide us. we just have to look. we also taught lesson 1. i cried.. and i know i say it all the time but i never get sick testifying of joseph smith and of the restored gospel. i know its true. i could never deny it. this is the true gospel! i love it even though we have trials it helps us so much. 
i hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving and a great black friday. ill see you soon
Hna Rasmussen

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Me and my beautiful companion

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