Monday, November 14, 2016

Chupar La Pina

this week we did three divisions... can you believe it? so we were really excited to see each other once again. hna esparza and i. the first are from las americas. hna upari from peru and hna astudillo from ecuador. the other ones are hna jose from paraguay and hna maco from peru. sorry we forgot to take a picture of the other hnas. then we are eating pineapple. its a joke because chupar la pina means to suck the pinaple. but it also means to kiss. so we always make that joke that we like to kiss the pinapple. haha
well this week we went to the clinic because another sister got sick. luckily they just gave her a shot and she healed right up. then another sister has to get her wisdom teeth taken out. that is the second hermana with that same problem this transfer. im glad i got them taken out before.
so we talked with camilas mom. she doesnt want her to get baptized. she says she will see if in 6 or 7 months shes still going to church then shell give her permission. but we are going to fast and keep praying. then jorge luis! he is so cool. we gave him the plan of salvation pamphlet and talked to him about baptism. he kind of freaked out. but then the second time we went he had read everything and underlnied and highlighted things and the only words in the whole thing that were circled were to be baptized. we have to be baptised in this life to inherit the kingdom of god. he accepted a date 10th of decembver. but then he had an accident on his motorcycle and now cant move.. great. thanks satan. we love you. but hes amazing! we are going to keep working with him. 
this week we taught the plan of salvation literally like 10 times. but it justmade me think more. what am i doing to receive eternal life? am i on the path that i can get it? am i making good decisions? will i be able to live with my family forever? i know i will be able to. i know that god loves us and for that he gave us this plan. he wants us to live with him. he doesnt want us to be perfect he just wants us to be worthy and try everyday. i know this plan is real and i know God will give us lots of opportunities. i love Him and im grateful he is our father. im grateful for this knowledge and comfort it gives us. study the plan of salvation. it helps us understand who we are. i love you all. im grateful that we can be together para siempre... 
Hna Rasmussen

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