Monday, November 21, 2016

I Ate Pizza Hut!

 My lovely companion completed a year in her mission on the 17th.. can you believe it? i remember that day haha. but this week was full of lots of things. lots of medical things. we went to the clinic because a sister on pday was running and  her comp pushed her. she twisted her ankle but shes fine. she at least caught the ball. we were playing like football and i made three touchdowns! it was sooo fun. i miss football alot.. but then another sister had to get a tooth taken out... look at it. they yanked a whole lot of gum with the tooth tooo. haha but thats us with her cake for her year and her pizza hut dinner thats pretty expensive but it was worth every sole. and it didn even taste like home. oh well. anyway. we taught camila about fasting... she started to fast and then called her dad and talked to him about her permission. he told her he supports her if she wants to get baptized... fasting works! shes soo cute. she wants to get baptized soo bad. but we will see hopefully the 3rd of december. we just have to keep working with her mom. thats whats holding us back from getting her baptized... but im sure the fasting helped with her mom too haha. today we are going to huancayo for another meeting as leaders. i hope i dont get sick. i love you all and hope you have a wonderful THANKSGIVING! im so grateful for alll of you... and cant wait to see you.. so be grateful. i love you!!!!!

Hna Rasmusse

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