Monday, November 7, 2016

Caridad, El Amor Puro De Cristo

we drove to huancayo for a training as leaders and it was raining really hard. peru really is soo pretty. im going to miss it. 

sorry for not writing last week.. i honestly just forgot. but we moved apartments and now we live in our area and a lot closer to everyone. im really starting to love my area. the memebers are helping us a lot more and im really grateful for their help. we also have a lot of people progressing. Camila! she is 12 but she has come to church for 3 weeks ina row and to the mutuals and she does all her reading and everything. we hope she can get to baptism soon. we also have jesenia. shes 21 and wants to change her life. she came to church but well see if she starts to recognize her little growing testimony. we also have a guy named lenin. hes interesting because i think he wants me to take him to the USA haha but he is slowly changing and he told us he wants to be able one day bare his testimony like the others. it was cool. and then christina and danny. they are a family that are progressing because they have a special needs son. he had menengitis when he was a baby and now his brain is bad. i feel so bad for them. they struggle with him so much but we know that he can improve if they teach him the gospel of christ. im grateful for them. we also have two less actives that are family. they just stoped reading their scriptures and praying and started working on sunday. nothing really happened to inactivate them. really it just shows me how important the little things are. you have to do the little things every day. i know that there isnt a single person inactive still reading their scriptures and praying everyday. if we conatinue doing those things. we will forever be on the stright and narrow path. i know it. 

this week ive been really trying to have a lot of charity. ive noticed that im kind of excited to come home im not going to lie. i cant wait to see you all and be done with the little differences in the culture. but then i remembered someone told me before themission. if you are missing home just think about how much you love the people,. so i started praying to have charity. because like moroni tells us.. we can pray to have that atribute of christ. and it really works. i forgot it was even pday. i forgot that we had another life. i really lost myself again in the work. i was able to only think in the people and not worry about what life will be like after. i love the people of peru. and i lve that ive been able to honestly feel a lot more like our savior. he loves us all no matter what. its helped me not judge or want to rest. ive had a lot more energy and i just want to give it all. i know that charity is the pure love of christ. im grateful for my savior and how much he really loves me. i know he lives. i know he loves me and you. if you dont know that... go figure it out. he will help you see it. pray for his love. he will give it to you.

Hna Rasmussen

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