Monday, December 19, 2016

One Month Exactly Left!

can you guys believe that i have only one month left??? only four weeks of giving it all ive got. where did time go? what is happening? im scared to come home and see you all. please just dont tell me ive gotten fatter. i already know and itll make me sad haha. or that ive gotten older on the mission. i also have lots more wrinkles. but im excited to see how everyone has changed. 

this week we have met a lot more people. its kind of crazy when you really start to talk with everyone... we should be talking to everyone and there are hundreds of people that walk by us every single day. none of them know the gospel. but i have read a talk that i really liked. it was about being genuine. by uchtdorf. its really true that we should fake who we are. that doesnt allow the atonement to work in our lives. if we are letting christ to really take place in our lives then we will become better and better. there is another talk that i read that i also liked. i think its called what more i lack? we should be asking the spirit in what we can improve and he will give us specific answers. i know that it is true. we may be humble enough to ask but not as loyal or faithful to follow the divine council that the spirit gives us. ask god in what you can all improve. he will tell us. its really cool! and its a very personalized answer. he told me something tiny that i do that is holding me back from progressing. because maybe we all read our scriptures and maybe we all pray and go to church. but there are always little things we can improve. and once we improve the first thing we can ask again and improve something else. read this talk and ask god in what you all can improve. it really is sooo cool!! i loved studying this week. i just feel like i learned so much. im so sad my time is coming to an end but come what may and love it right??? i love you all

Hna Rasmussen

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