Monday, January 18, 2016

Still In Cerro

I am still here in Cerro de pasco!!!!!! I got a new companion and I freaking love her a lot. No I am not training. I'm actually probably going to kill someone. Her name is hna pfister and she is from California so I got a gringa!! I was so excited. Just in this last week she has taught me so much. I'm really glad she has a lot of time. It's been helping me learn just so many querks of the mission. I just really am so excited for this transfer. We have been working so hard and really seeing the fruits of our labors. We meet more people and just have a lot more success. This wednesday we are teaching an english class and everyone is so excited but I am freaking out. I dont know how to teach english!! But I guess theyll learn something or other right?

I am super grateful for the people here in cerro de pasco. They are so friendly and welcoming. We have two investigators progressing right now. Josefina who is the mom and Miguel who is the son. they have a daughter serving a mission and I know that their hearts have been softened by the Lord because of her service. They are so prepared. The ward just accepts them and I am so excited for them. They seem like they are already members!! They have a date for the 13th of febrero. I am so excited for them! They are such good people. The Lord really does prepare people. All we have to do is find the people He has prepared.Missionary work is hard work but it is so rewarding. I am grateful for my new comp and for her testimony and for this time to be serving the Lord! the church is truer than true! love you all!!!!!

Hna Rasmussen

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