Monday, January 25, 2016


I had the coolest opportunity this week. This old lady died and they asked us to dress her in her temple clothing. Well I didn’t do much but hold her recommend and such but it was really cool. First here in Peru they don’t clean out the bodies when they die... but it was fun to watch all of these ladies. Another thing was I totally had like a spiritual moment. I was picturing myself in my temple clothing with my recommend going up to God and saying here you go God. I tried to be faithful and I tried my best. And he accepted it and said thank you for your efforts. It was really, really neat. I just felt like I could see a little glimpse into the future after this life. I know if we are worthy and do have our recommend we can live with God again. That was really neat. But then we went to her funeral and let’s just say we left cerro and drove for about 20 min. we had permission but didn’t know it would be so far away. Well later on we find out that’s our area!!!!! Our area is sooo big... holy cow. I don’t know why it’s even so big. but that was a fun experience being in a Peruvian funeral and death march.

We got a sink!!!!! Ah God really does answer prayers. We can finally wash our face and hands. They fixed our shower but then it broke again.. so in the past two weeks I have showered three times.... kind of gross but I’ve learned a lot about patience haha.

We taught our English class and it was really fun!! There were only four that came but it was the first week. So maybe this week it will be better. Everyone was like wow its being taught my two gringas! Yay!! Haha
And this week I just really have learned a lot about the importance of the Sabbath day. The prophets talk about it all the time but it’s true. It is such an important day! And too many people think well I’ve been baptized so I have done my part. Right? Wrong!!!!! The sacrament is so important to take every single week. It really is the day of the lord but honestly it’s a blessing for us! We can be clean again!!!


Hna Rasmussen

we had a conference as missionaries around the world and also heads of sheep.. we see this everyday haha

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