Monday, February 1, 2016

Panqueque De Vida

This week seriously was amazing. Just in the fact that it seems like we turn the corner and God has placed somebody else prepared in our path. We found a ton of people that really can progress and I love it. With Josefina and Miguel. We watched the resurrection video with them and Miguel cried. He said he knows its true but he just wants to know a little more and read a little more before he is baptized. Josefina knows but has a little bit of fear. I love them so much. I know with time and faith and prayers they will get baptized this month! ah I am so excited for them!

We also had an activity called el panqueque de vida. It was so successful!! 7 of our investigtors came.. we were sooo happy.. We ate american pancakes and it tasted sooo good.. I could eat those everyday if my pension would make them... also my Spanish has skyrocketed. I'm grateful for the gift of tongues. i feel like i can actually express my love for people now. Its so much easier when you can communicate!!!! Also we tell everyone I am from Oxapampa. A city here in Peru that is full of gringas and everyone believes me. It is kind of nice haha. But I hit 6 MONTHS!!!! Who would have thought. Time is seriously flying by and it scares me because time is only going to go faster and faster. But I am grateful that I did have this time to work in the Lord's work and be his servant. I LOVE THIS CHURCH!!!! And you all too.

Hna Rasmussen

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